5 Great YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

The best of Vlogtober...

extrasunbeamsjess | I've spoken about my love of Jessie's videos before but this years Vlogtober is probably one of my all time favourites. As a third-year university student myself, I feel so able to relate to Jessie's content and I'm forever inspired by her ability to balance uni and YouTube while managing to keep up a busy social life.

ANDERZ | Watching vlog footage by someone living in the same city as you is one of YouTube's greatest pleasures. Helen strikes the perfect balance between using the traditional vlogging format and setting a compilation of clips together to music. You never quite know what you're going to get from one day to the next, which in turn makes Helen's vlogs a pleasure to watch.

The best of the rest...

Rachel Aust | Never would I have expected to enjoy a fitness-based channel quite so much. Admittedly Rachel balances health and exercise videos with fashion and beauty content, but surprisingly it's the former that I find myself watching the most often. Rachel and Beau are able to answer questions on health and fitness in a way that isn't patronising, despite both being in far better shape than I could ever dream of. I'm determined to get into more of a regular work-out routine and Rachel's circuits have been a huge help so far.

Thrift Thick | The majority of Cassie's content is centred around product reviews and first impressions, but each video is created in a way that's just so entertaining to watch. I even waiver my general aversion to monthly favourites when it comes to the 'Best & Worst of Beauty' videos.

Rachel Nguyen | I'm semi-obsessed with Rachel's channel at the moment. The way that videos are edited offers something different to the regular fashion, beauty and lifestyle channels and I feel that I'm able to trust her thoughts on the products that she mentions completely. 

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