The Weekend Pamper

Weekends can go one of two ways. Either I'm running around like a headless chicken even more so than I do mid-week, or I'm enjoying a couple of days of complete relaxation. This weekend is definitely the latter, not least because I spent the best part of last week nursing one of the worst head colds that I've had in ages.

mr bean body coffee scrub review uk
this works spice candle

I missed the boat on the Frank body scrubs when they were all the rage a couple of years ago, but was recently sent the Bean Body Coconut Coffee Scrub* to try. The addition of my hero product, coconut oil, was enough to draw me in. It's probably the messiest beauty product that I've ever used, but it's become a permanent feature in my routine, purely for how soft and nourished it makes my skin feel within just a couple of minutes.

Nails are of course a part of any pamper routine. I'm still hooked on nudes and mauves, which is probably why I haven't spoken about nails on my blog for such a long time. Currently my fingers are coated in Sally Hansen's Enchante, while I've been using H&M's Pillow Talk on my toes for as long as i can remember. Both are beautiful, rich pink shades, while the long lasting formulas mean that I don't have to worry about topping up with colour during the week.

grown alchemist deep cleansing masque

My skin immediately shows when I've been unwell, and this time has been no different. I've been suffering with some of the biggest, most painful breakouts that I've had in months - and my chin, forehead and cheeks have all been refusing to play ball. I've been using the Kiehl's Rare Earth Cleanser since the beginning of summer and until now it's worked wonders for my skin, so I decided to leave it on a little longer than usual to deeply clean and rid my skin of any makeup residue.

Having run out of my beloved H&M Charcoal & Volcanic Soil mask, I raided my collection and have once again bought out the Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Masque. I'm not entirely sure why I ever stopped using this - it's a great mask for when the skin is feeling a little more congested than usual. Once removed, I've been following a strict routine of using the Origins Super Spot Remover on any blemishes, before applying a thin layer of pure coconut oil before bed. The former is brilliant at sorting out any under the skin blemishes, either bringing them to a head or banishing them completely. I then apply the oil to hydrate the skin, a much needed step at this time of year.