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Getting any amount of texture and grit into my hair can be a chore. I have the kind of silky straight locks that others are envious of - until they try it for themselves, that is. Without an abundance of texture-inducing products, my hair becomes completely unmanageable and, even on the rare occasion that I do manage to scrape it into a style that I'm half happy with, it rarely makes it past lunchtime before it falls flat. I've tried a vast amount of products in the past and have always struggled to find things that add that much needed grit to my locks without weighing them down or making my fine hair look greasy. Through years of experimentation I think I've finally nailed it, though. I'm as close to achieving beach ready texture as I can ever hope to be considering my natural hair type and there are a few tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way...

In my experience, getting grit and texture into the hair starts as early on as in the shower; in fact the products I use when washing my hair are probably the ones I rely upon most to inject some much needed va-va-voom. I flit between a few different shampoos on a regular basis, but the one I reach for the most has to be Bumble & Bumble's Surf Shampoo. I'm a huge fan of the matching conditioner too and I find both are perfect when I want to achieve that beachy, 'piecy' finish to my hair. Other options I'm keen on include the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo* and the Big Shampoo from Lush. I keep shampoo to the roots of my hair only and apply conditioner to the lengths (on the rare occasion that I use it), then I leave both in for a few minutes before rinsing them out together. I have no valid reason to use this method aside from that I once read an interview with Barbara Palvin, who apparently does the same thing. If it's good enough for her...

Once I'm out of the shower I like to leave my hair for about half an hour where possible, before gently patting the last of any excess moisture away with a towel. I find that applying styling products onto damp hair that's beginning to dry makes them a lot more effective than when my hair is still soaking wet. This is particularly the case for products such as mousse or texturising creams, as applying them to semi-dry hair allows the product to really stay put and create that much needed manageability and hold. Mousse is the first thing that I go in with; usually the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray* as I just find it so easy to use. That said, the Tesco Value Hair Mousse isn't half bad either. I apply both to the roots primarily, lifting my hair at the crown and massaging the product in thoroughly. Hair mousse is without doubt one of those products that many people think of as slightly old fashioned; but it's something that I've used religiously for years and I really do swear by it. As long as you take the time to evenly distribute it and massage it in thoroughly, there's no reason for there to be any unwanted stickiness left behind. I then go in with my beloved Bumble & Bumble un(Dressing) Creme; again applying it to the roots and roughing the hair up with my fingers. This is a dream for creating messed up texture and allows me to create big, backcombed styles even directly after blowdrying; something that I've never been able to do without this product. It makes my fine hair so much easier to manage and gives my roots that much needed volume that I crave. 

When it comes to blowdrying my hair, I try to keep it to the roots only (if I have time)! In a perfect world I wouldn't use heat on my hair at all, but without using a hairdryer I find my roots tend to fall incredibly flat. I therefore flip my head upside down and roughly blowdry them and my fringe, whilst leaving the lengths damp where possible. I'm not blessed with natural waves, so a hefty spritz of Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray is carried out before I scrunch the ends of my hair and leave them to dry naturally.  It's not a miracle product by any means and I'm yet to find a salt spray that truly fulfils the promise of loose, beachy waves; but it does give my straight hair more movement and life than anything else I've tried. Getting shine into my dirty blonde locks can be a task at the best of times, so instead I make the most of it and work with the roughed up, matte texture that these products leave me with. I may not be Blake Lively just yet, but for now I'm pretty happy.

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