Summer Ready

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My usual summer pampering sesh begins with a thorough sloughing of any dry, rough skin left over from far too many winter nights bundled up in my onesie. Whilst I hate the feeling of rubbing any kind of course, rough exfoliators over my face, my body is a whole different story and I actually own quite a few body buffers and scrubs; all of which take their turn to do the rounds at this time of year. Favourites include the Soap & Glory Flake Away (obviously) and the Boots Botanics Body Polish, although my most used of all has to be This Works' Daily Boost Body Scrub. A quick massage of something like this in the shower leaves my skin baby soft and full of radiance; exactly what I'm after come limb-bearing season. If there's one beauty product I whole-heartedly think is worth investing a few extra pennies in it's a good quality razor and the Venus with Olay option is never too far from my reach. I tend to use Coconut Oil to shave with as I just find it gives me a far closer shave then any other gels and foams that I've tried, whilst adding an extra bit of moisture in there too. Once my pins are well and truly pampered, I finish the job with a slathering of something super hydrating. This tends to be the Nuxe Fondant Firming Cream* or Huile Prodigiuese*, although if I know I'll be baring my legs in something short I'll use the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle to add a hint of glow and colour.

Feet are an area that don't get an awful lot of coverage on the blogging circuit (although people with as much of an aversion to them as I have will definitely be able to see why). That said, we're well and truly into sandal season now and peeling my trotters out of my ankle boots is a traumatic experience that I'm pleased to say is over for this year. Keeping my feet looking ship shape is a toughie as I tend to walk absolutely everywhere (the downfalls of having no driving licence), so they need just as much care and attention as every other part of my body. Like before, I begin by exfoliating the area and making everything as smooth and soft as possible. I usually opt for a body brush to do this bit, although if I'm going all out I might use something like the Avon All In One Pedicure to show my feet some extra love. Once I'm out of the shower I like to slather on a heavy coating of foot lotion or moisturiser, before popping on my bed socks and allowing the product to really work it's magic overnight. My favourite two options for this are The Body Shop Hemp Cream and the This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm; both of which somehow manage to make miracles happen and gift me with presentable looking feet come morning. 

Pedicure time is one of my least favourite parts of a good pamper session. Painting my toenails is just one of those tasks that I really do loathe, but unfortunately can't get out of doing. I tend to begin by shaping and filing my nails straight across and applying something like Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat to get them as smooth as can be. Even in warmer weather I much prefer to wear dark shades on my toes, so something like Essie's Luxedo is then called upon before a coat of Seche Vite seals the deal and keeps my nails looking prim and proper for as long as possible.

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