What's On My iPad

I bought my first iPad Mini around a year ago now and over the course of time we've become almost inseparable. The thing goes practically everywhere with me and is bursting full of apps for blogging, uni work and just plain procrastination. I actually have 5 pages full of the things (I should probably get around to having a serious app-related Spring clean), but the second page is where most of my go-tos are housed. Here's a run down of those digital elite that make wasting the hours away just that little bit easier...

Of course there's the obligatory game of Candy Crush. That and Tiny Tower take up a healthy dose of my procrastination time - which is precisely why I'm too afraid to download Flappy Bird. I browse the pages of eBay and Asos a fair amount, so they also have places on the first page; alongside the Wikipedia app which comes in damn handy when I want to look something up in a hurry.

A few of the most used apps on my iPad include Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and of course, Bloglovin'. I also have the Blogger app but I very rarely use it as it's just too frustrating having such limited tools and options when I want to type up blog posts. I have something of a love/hate relationship with Pinterest and can go from being completely obsessed with it to not using it at all in a matter of days. The main board I've created is entitled 'Inspiration' and I use it to pin make up looks, street style, hair tutorials and anything else that tickles my fancy or I think may come in handy to look at again later on. YouTube and BL are checked a few times a day and new videos/posts are either looked at there and then or 'liked' so that I can give them a proper browse later. Another blog related favourite of mine is Pocket; which allows you to download and save articles, webpages and videos to view at another time. I use my fair share of public transport so I find this app especially helpful then - especially as it allows you to view things without even having an internet connection.

Instagram of course makes an appearance, although I need to motivate myself to use my account a little more. I find it hard to determine what I do in my day that would constitute a good IG picture; and even when I am doing something slightly interesting (rare) I'm forever forgetting to photograph it. I also use Padgram to browse other's IG photo's. Although it doesn't allow you to upload your own images, I find it far easier and more convenient to use if I'm just logging on to have a nosy at what other people have been up to (it happens a shameful amount...).

Along the bottom row is where I keep most of my 'go-to' apps; namely my Messages, Mail and Google Chrome. The majority of the people I text on a daily basis also have iPhones/iPads so I'm able to receive those on my device, although any messages not sent through iMessage just go to my phone as I don't have the cellular option installed on this. I really don't get on well with using Safari so I opted to download the Chrome browser instead, which I find much sleeker and easier to use both on this and on my laptop. As you can see, the Music app is also on the bottom bar but I don't actually have a single song on my iPad. I carry my music on another device and I don't feel like I need any on this anyway, so for me it isn't worth losing the space it would take up.

Everything else on the first page falls into the 'miscellaneous' category. I have the standard BBC News app to keep me updated throughout the day and Weather+ allows me to check up on the weather in Norwich and wherever else my friends and family happen to be in the world; the graphics on this make it my favourite weather app I've come across and it's incredibly easy to use, too. Of course Just Eat pops up as well, although more often than not it's used to longingly browse takeaways before I restrain myself and head to the kitchen to cook something marginally healthy. The Skype app gets used a lot; either to speak to my family when I'm in Norwich, or to my boyfriend when I'm back home. I also have things like 4od and BBC iPlayer, which come in handy as we don't currently have a working television in our flat.