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Having embarked on a semi-serious January spending ban, I've been delving into the hidden depths of my beauty blag to freshen things up a little. I've actually stumbled upon a few long forgotten favourites along the way; the likes of which have been used alongside a couple of new additions (only a couple... promise). Here's a snippet of the beauty bumf that's been melting my heart lately...

Two forgotten make up gems have made their way back into my go-to regime recently, the first of which is Benefit's They're Real. I only repurchased this a couple of weeks ago, having made a pledge to try out a few alternatives since my last tube ran dry. In months of searching I haven't found a single option that beats it. TR is the perfect jet black formula that gives my lashes colour, volume and length - and trust me when I say that my lashes need a heavy duty dose of all three. Laura Mercier's Silk Creme has also been given another shot in the limelight as - despite being completely smitten with the finish of this foundation - in the past I've had massive problems with getting it to last on my skin. Cue a new primer love (more on that to come soon...) and I'm finally enjoying wearing this again, although I definitely need to pick up a slightly lighter shade to get me through the rest of the winter months.

One of the most exciting new purchases I've made this year has been the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ and - although it's still early days - with a fortnights worth of use I couldn't be more impressed. I loved the original formula so I was really keen to try this out (demonstrated by my mad rush around every LRP stockist in Norwich on it's release date). It's always a little daunting when a product you rely on is changed so radically, but so far, so very good

As the weather continues to get chillier I've become somewhat reliant upon wrapping myself in a blanket of Nuxe's Fondant Firming Cream post-shower. An incredibly nourishing lotion, it's exactly what I need at this time of year when my skin is desperately longing for some TLC. My nails however definitely haven't been feeling the cold over the past couple of weeks, with spring time shades already beginning to make a frequent appearance on my fingertips. My current pick of the bunch is Call Me Gwen-Ever from OPI; a stunning red-based coral that adds a little extra warmth to proceedings. Not at all seasonal, but oh-so-pretty all the same.

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