Bedside Beauty

The love between myself and my bed is unbreakable. There's nothing I like more than snuggling under the covers, whether it's to watch a movie, read a good book or just slip away to the land of nod. Over time I've settled on a miniature stash of products; the likes of which sit nestled on my bedside table so that they're in easy reach once I've eventually the hay. Alongside the obligatory hair scrunchies, alice bands and nail files, these are the bedtime beauty elite that have well and truly made the cut...

I actually house three different hand creams in this pot from Ikea; which seems pretty excessive for someone that didn't own any until earlier this winter. I actually keep a bottle of the Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand Cream in my bag too, but I bought another tube to keep safely by my bedside as I really do love it. The scent of this stuff is something I just can't rave about enough and it's my go-to lotion to keep my mitts feeling soft and supple. The Betty and Walter Handsomly Hydrating Hand Cream is one that I like to use as soon as I get up in the morning. A mix of elderflower and lemon, it smells gorgeous and is so light and refreshing for everyday use. When I'm after some really deep overnight hydration I opt for the Hemp Hand Cream from The Body Shop; which is heavy duty enough even when my hands are at their driest. I occasionally use it on my feet too, smoothing a thick blob over my heels and slipping on a pair of thick bed socks before hitting the sack; done. If you have dry skin anywhere then this stuff really will do the trick.

My lips are kept in tip top condition with the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. A thick, white cream, this is way too obvious to be worn during the day but a hefty layer applied just before bedtime works it's magic overnight and leaves my lips soft and hydrated come morning. I get particularly sore, dry lips in winter time so this stuff is a godsend to me and actually does something to get right to the cause of the problem, rather than just smooth over the lips temporarily.

For my skin I'm sure keep a small tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream nearby. It's supposedly a 'grown up' version of the original that aims to help blemish prone skin, but instead I like to use it for that extra boost of hydration on targeted patches of dryness. The Drink Up Intensive Mask from Origins is another one that I grab on nights that my skin needs a little more TLC than usual. When it's particularly dry I'll slather this on twice a week, but I really haven't used it much at all lately as I just haven't felt like I need to. Either way, it's a bedside staple and it's good to know it's in easy reach when needed. 

"cosmetics"Natalie Stubbs