Video | Haircare & Styling Routine

I've been on yet another short hiatus from my YouTube channel but I'm back with a ramble about some of my favourite hair styling products. Having fine, limp hair means that I'm all about adding some volume and thickness into my locks, which is exactly why I pick to use the kinds of products I do. I'm finally in a routine that I'm quite happy with - although it does probably need a tiny bit more fine tuning. Does anybody else find that they can use a menu of products one day and achieve lots of texture, but do the exact same thing the next day and somehow the hair still manages to fall flat? Just me? Ok.

I hope you enjoy the video and please do let me know what you think as always, it's a new camera so I probably need to have a fiddle with the settings a little more to find out exactly what works best. Hopefully there wont be quite as long between filming next time!