The Clean Brush Pledge

Although I opted not to compile a 'beauty resolutions' style post this year, there was one particular pledge that immediately sprung to mind and made an appearance on almost all of the new year themed lists that I stumbled upon. Being something of a skincare hoarder, I spend ample amounts of time making sure my skin is squeaky clean on a twice daily basis. My makeup brushes however, not so much. Being blessed with blemish prone skin, I more than most can provide evidence to confirm that makeup clad brush bristles can indeed harbour all kinds of bacteria and pimple provoking nasties. Nice. Starting now then, I pledge to make that brush-laden trip to the bathroom far more often and keep my collection looking sparkling (well, almost). Who's with me?

For a long time I relied solely on an irregular schedule of deep cleansing to keep my brushes in check, although from now on I'm hoping to get into the habit of giving them a quick surface clean every day or two. Albeit a fairly new find, the No7 Brush Cleaner is slowly becoming a staple product for me. I simply spritz a little product onto a piece of tissue paper and wipe it over the surface of the brushes, taking away that top layer of makeup and bacteria. The bristles dry in seconds, making it the ideal solution for cleansing in a hurry and - compared to a lot of other options on the market - the cost per use is pretty damn reasonable too. At the moment I'm using this as and when I remember (probably every 3-4 days) which isn't bad, although I'd like to get into a routine of performing this kind of spot clean more often, especially for brushes that I use every day. 

I'm planning on completing a more thorough cleanse once a week or so, although I probably wont be too hard on myself if I leave it a couple of days late occasionally (only occasionally, mind). For this, my weapon of choice is plain old Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Not the most sophisticated of options, but it does the job perfectly well. Gentle enough to not damage brush bristles, yet effective at thoroughly ridding them of dirt and grime. Perfect. To deep clean my brushes, I simply soak them in warm water before massaging a small blob of the shampoo into the bristles, rinse and repeat. Once I'm certain there's no more product left, I pat away any excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry thoroughly overnight, or even longer if possible.

"brushes"Natalie Stubbs