Skincare On Trial: The New Additions

At the beginning of the month I pledged that I would put in place a complete ban on buying new skincare products. Naturally, then, I've already made three new additions to the skincare family... who'd have guessed it. In my defence, I've been having major issues with my skin over the past fortnight; the likes of which I thought I'd finally begun to leave behind. I have my suspicious that it was a certain product that did the damage, but as I can't be sure I wont be naming any names. Whatever the culprit, I've been suffering with a severe outbreak of pimples on my chin, dry patches around my eyes (that EVERY kind of concealer seems to love clinging to) and a bout of sunburn-esque redness around the centre of my face. Nice.

In order to banish the blemishes, my first port of call was the La Roche Posay stand. I adore their Effaclar range and have never had any issues with their products affecting my skin in a bad way, so I hunted the shelves for something that would tackle my active spots as successfully as Effaclar Duo prevents them. In the end I picked up Effaclar A.I; a targeted breakout corrector that promises to 'purge' blemishes, allowing them to heal faster and not leave such prominent scarring. I also picked up the Murad White Brilliance Treatment to speed up the fading process, as I find often the aftermath is worse than the blemishes themselves. Using Vitamin C and a whole host of skincare technology that I don't understand in the slightest, this claims to brighten the skin and promote an altogether more even toned complexion - something that I was after way before my recent skin woes begun. Last in the line up is the Korres Pomegranate Gel-Cream Moisturiser. A new moisturiser is something that I was definitely in need of, so I don't feel too bad about this purchase as I know I'd have ended up buying something similar anyway. I adore Korres as a brand and the extensive list of natural ingredients included in this jar reassures me that it probably wont make my skin any worse than it is - at least I hope it wont. 

I'm off into town tomorrow and I plan to pick up the La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluid, which I hope will be enough to calm and soothe my skin (last purchase - I promise). I've never had a bad reaction to a product before, at least not to this degree and I had no idea how painful it would be; above everything else that's definitely be the hardest part to deal with! I have everything crossed that a careful and regular application of these products will begin to repair the damage - I'll be sure to keep you updated!

"skincare"Natalie Stubbs