Scar Fading Products & Techniques

After blabbing on to everyone that would listen about how I'd finally got my skin to a level of clarity that I was happy with, sods law had it that I suffered my biggest breakout in years just a few weeks ago. I'm pretty certain I know which product it was down to (mentioning no names...) and it's safe to say I was gutted. Not only because a vicious cluster of unsightly pimples had set up camp on my chin, but because I knew the pesky scars they'd leave behind would be an absolute nightmare to get rid of. Enter the front line heroes in my scar fading mission...

When it comes to skincare there are very few brands that I trust more than La Roche Posay. Their products always seem to agree with my skin and when it comes to effectiveness, they just get the job done. Their Effaclar A.I targeted corrector is a fairly new addition in my skincare stash and I'm planning on writing an individual review soon so I wont say too much, but this was my go-to when the breakout was at it's fiercest. It managed to calm everything down and ease some of the initial redness, paving the way for other products to do their thang once the active blemishes had subsided. My regular moisturiser, Korres Pomegranate, also did a sterling job at soothing and cooling the area, as well as keeping it hydrated when things started to get a little flaky (nice).

Nothing defeats dark spots and scarring like a rich serum and I've had two on rotation over the past few weeks. The first being Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, an intensely nourishing option that I've paid very little attention to over the past 6 months, purely because I didn't feel it was doing that much for my skin any more. Fast forward and it's once again reigning supreme, gradually repairing some of the damage left behind by my skins bad behaviour. I'm also a big fan of the Dr Perricone Chia Serum*; another one that's recently regained its place at the forefront of my evening routine. This isn't as rich as ANR so I find that rotating the two works pretty well, especially as the latter option really helps to up the hydration and brightness in my skin. Both serums really have helped to speed along the healing process a little bit which is really all I could ask for - although I definitely have HealGel next on my shopping list!

Last but not least, treatments. The Philosophy Microdelivery Peel System is one that I've reached for every week since buying it and I'm kind of on the fence about the results. In the short term it delivers extremely soft, smooth skin and a slightly more radiant complexion - although the long term benefits are a little more difficult to see. That being said, I haven't had any really bad scarring or pigmentation in the time that I've used this, so I'll continue using it to see how it fares. Another product that I'm reaching for on the off chance I might see a difference is the Murad White Brilliance Treatment. A so-called 'wrinkle and pore refiner', it promises to smooth out the skin and promote a clearer, brighter complexion overall, although I'm not too sure whether I'm sold on that yet. 

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