Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand Cream

It's official: this winter has been the year of the hand cream. Up until now I really haven't been drawn in by them; I'm not a fan of having anything greasy or scented on my hands and I just didn't feel as if I needed a specific product to keep them soft and hydrated. However I definitely begun to see a change in my hands a few months ago. Suddenly they felt a lot dryer, I was getting the odd patch of rough or flaky skin and I was beginning to see little cuts appearing in my skin - not the nicest accompaniment to a fresh shellac! It was starting to get me down a little, so I raided my stash for a suitable product to undo the damage; enter the Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand & Nail Cream...

First up; the scent. A blend of rose, avocado and sweet almond oils - delicious. For someone that doesn't enjoy applying scented products to the skin I really can't fault this particular fragrance at all. In terms of effectiveness as a hand cream, it also does the job pretty damn well. For a deeply hydrating cream it has a lightweight formula and doesn't leave any of that greasy residue behind, in fact it sinks into my skin within seconds and leaves my mitts feeling matte, yet perfectly soft and supple. The only niggle I have with this is the size of the tube - admittedly you get a lot of product for your buck but it isn't half a pain to carry around in your handbag on the daily. For the sheer deliciousness of the product I can definitely forgive it that small gripe though, maybe one day Nuxe will bring out a more pocket friendly size!

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