Clinique 'Happy'

I'm not a huge one for buying new fragrances; I've worn my trusty Gucci option for over a year now and I can't say I was on the lookout for anything different, although when I spritzed a little of this trademark Clinique fragrance at a counter a few weeks ago I knew it was love. To my surprise, Santa had already planned on landing it under my tree and it's safe to say I couldn't be happier...

Infused with the fragrances of Red Grapefruit and Hawaiian Wedding Flower, this is by far the lightest scent I own and smells gorgeously fresh and clean all day. I've had problems with a few perfumes starting to smell a little 'stale' after a few hours of wear, but no such issue with this; it actually seems to smell even nicer as the day goes on. In terms of describing the scent it's really difficult to put my finger on. Sitting somewhere between a citrus, floral, musky fragrance; this manages to be all of them and none of them at the same time. I'm not a huge lover of clean-cut florals, so that's definitely a plus for me!

Alongside the perfume, I received the matching 'Body Smoother'; a beautifully light lotion that allows you to really lock in the fragrance all day when used with the perfume. I've applied this on it's own a few times too and it's a lovely way to subtly keep everything smelling fresh and fragranced without overpowering the situation. Both options come in simple, clean packaging and are as pleasing to look at on your dressing table as they are to apply - lovely.

As fragrance is something that's so unique to everybody, I'm not going to suggest making an online order right this second. That being said, it's definitely worth giving it a sniff next time you're passing a Clinique counter, I'd put good money on you not being disappointed!

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