Pump Up The Volume

My love for big, voluminous hair doesn't look like it'll be fading any time soon. Obviously I'm naturally blessed with fine, limp locks that are the direct opposite of what I'm after - it goes without saying - so there is a whole stock of styling products that I use to inject some much needed va-va-voom...

Fat Hair by Samy is a range that I was pretty much addicted to throughout my high school years. Through my mid-teens I rocked the plumped up locks, admittedly taking the look a little too far from time to time (my boyfriend's brothers nicknamed me 'the Pomeranian' at the start of our relationship... need I say more?) after a few years of abstinence I've recently crawled back into the arms of the brand, albeit using their products a little more sparingly. These products do exactly what they say on the tin, if not more so, and are the reigning underdogs when it comes to achieving some serious volume. The Amplifying Mousse is a must have after every wash and I set the style in place with their Amplifying Hair Spray (warning: use this very sparingly, or your barnet could be harder than a stick of rock).

Alongside the bargain products, I like to add in a few more high end bits to the game. Bumble & Bumble are my favourite haircare brand by far - so it's only right that a couple of their styling products feature in my daily routine. First up, I spritz a fair amount of their Thickening Hairspray over my mane just after I've showered, focusing particularly on the front of my hair and my fringe. Naturally my locks are quite thin and fine, so this helps to give them some extra bulk as and when it's needed. A healthy blob of the Texture (un)Dressing Creme is then applied to my roots and left to sit for 5 minutes before I ruffle it up with my fingers. I sing the praises of this stuff all the time so I wont go into too much detail - but it makes such a difference to the manageability of my freshly washed hair and really helps to hold it's style. Surf Spray is finally applied to my roots when my hair is still damp, adding some much needed texture and grit. Once my hair is dry I like to spritz some into the ends as well, before scrunching up with my fingers for a more dishevelled look. 

The only other high end brand that owns my heart is Sachajuan. Unfortunately I don't have any of their Ocean Mist spray on hand at the moment, but I do sometimes switch it up and use their SPF Mousse in my routine. It doesn't give me quite as much volume and hold as the Fat Hair one, but it's a more gentle option for those who want extra body without compromising on the silky hair feeling. 

I finish off my barnet with a fair bit of backcombing around the crown, to give some extra height and shape to my 'do. My signature look is pretty simple - embracing the messy waves given to me by the Surf Spray and generally allowing my hair to do it's own thing. A quick straighten of the fringe (depending on how I'm wearing it that day) and I'm usually set to go; although sometimes I like to clip the top section of my hair back to give it more of a style. Between washes I occasionally opt for dry shampoo to keeps my locks looking fresh and bouncy; my brand of choice being Batiste. A quick spritz of this into the roots gives my hair a new lease of life when needed, although I try to use it pretty sparingly as it creates a hell of a lot of build up in my fine hair with excessive use.

"hair"Natalie Stubbs