Fat Lash Trio

When it comes to my lashes I'm all about the volume. Long eyelashes are one of the few things I've inherited that I'm very grateful for, so when it comes to applying makeup I'm all about building up the body as much as possible rather than adding a great deal of extra length. Here's a quick rundown of the products I've been reaching for lately...

First up, curling. It's not something I do every day any more - in fact I haven't taken to the lash curlers in a week or so now - but for days when I'm after some serious va-va-voom, crimping my lashes to within an inch of their life is oh so tempting. At the moment I'm really enjoying using the John Lewis Eyelash Curlers, a bargain set that do the job brilliantly; much better than many of the more pricey options I've tried. A few squeezes later and I find I'm left with a subtle curl that lasts pretty much all day - what more can you ask for? Once I'm curled to perfection I coat the bad boys in lashings of Clinique High Impact; my current mascara of choice whether I'm after an everyday look or something more dramatic. I find that this can be built up incredibly easily with minimal clumping; it makes my lashes appear incredibly black and really stays put too, a must for fair-haired ladies like myself. Whilst I just opt for one coat of this on a daily basis, I find that 3 thin layers leaves me with an enviable flutter on special occasions. MAC 'Smolder' Eye Kohl is then used on the outer corners of my waterline. It's a trick that I've only just started using, but I find that even the most subtle hint of liner can give the illusion of a fuller, thicker set of lashes. Once this stuff is on it simply won't budge either; nobody wants midday Panda eyes.

A Festive Manicure

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