The Mind Changers

Whether it's a result of persistent trial and error, returning to products that I'd forgotten I even have, or simply realising that I haven't given things enough of a chance; I quite often find that my opinions on things change over time and I'm left taking back all of those negative things I've said. The theory works the other way around too - I'm frequently falling out of love with products that I once was certain were made for me, but for now I'm just going to focus on those that have turned things around for the better. Apologies extended.

In terms of skincare there are two products that have really shocked me lately. First up is the La Roche Posay Effaclar K; an anti-relapse serum that's been sitting at the bottom of my skincare stash for quite a few months now. When I first purchased it my skin was significantly worse than it has been recently, so I can only assume that's why it didn't work for me so well then; in fact I was certain that something in it was actually making my skin even worse at the time. Recently it's been keeping my spots at bay and is gradually improving the overall texture of my skin with every use - thumbs up!  I'm really not a fan of harsh facial scrubs, so from the get go I was certain that the Apivita Deep Exfoliating Cream with Olive wouldn't be for me. I used it a few times before chucking it to the back of the bathroom cabinet, never to be seen again. A few weeks back I dug it out when my skin was looking particularly dull and in need of a refresh and I couldn't believe how quickly and easily this solved the problem. I've learnt to use it as part of my morning cleanse when needed as the radiant results don't last all that long and aren't a permanent fix, but nonetheless it's been making a huge difference to the overall appearance of my complexion when needed (used in a pre-night-out pamper it works wonders too!) 

The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation was one that I was so excited to buy way back when. It was actually one of my first high end foundation purchases and I'd heard such great things, but I was distinctly underwhelmed when I finally got around to using it. It just didn't last on my skin at all, no matter what methods of application I used and how I prepped my skin beforehand. I gave it another go towards the end of summer and although it still needs a lil' touching up throughout the day, the finish it gives my skin is just pure love. I actually find that the less I use the longer it lasts, so I've been building it up in really sheer layers now that my skin's looking a bit better and I couldn't be happier with it. Another product that initially left me feeling a little 'meh' is the Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in 'Red Dahlia'. I commented on the lack of colour pay off this balm had, which I do still stand by. However, as far as moisturising and hydrating the lips goes this can't be topped by any other product in my stash; at least not one that's suitable for daily wear and I've been reaching for it an awful lot now the weather has gotten colder. I often apply an additional colour over the top (I'm currently head over heels for an MUA £1 Lippie but I can't remember the name of it... more on that another day!) but it keeps my lips looking plumped and healthy under whatever product I wear.

Last but not least, I've found myself reaching for Nivea's Express Hydration Primer an awful lot more than I thought I would recently. I'd always felt it was better used as a moisturiser than a primer, but lately it's actually been keeping my makeup in place just that little bit longer, which is exactly what I wanted from it all along. I think it's definitely more of an A/W product - but it's perfect for when my skin is feeling a little drab and needs an instant 'pick me up' to keep my makeup looking fresh.

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