Review | Nuxe Fondant Firming Cream

Every month more time and money than I care to imagine is spent on keeping my complexion in tip top condition, but the rest of my body gets (almost) entirely neglected. I actually own very few body lotions and potions so I was really excited to win a set of luxury Nuxe body products in a competition recently held by Escentual. Cue one of the longest pamper sessions in history.

For me, the most exciting product of the lot was definitely the Fondant Firming Cream. I've tried a few creams in the past that have promised to firm up the skin around those niggly problem areas, but none have been particularly successful; I put that down to the fact that most creams aren't really able to fulfil such a huge promise. That and the fact that at 20 I don't have too much in the way of 'saggy' skin anyway. So, whilst I can't really comment on the effectiveness of this cream as an anti-aging lotion, I've been really enjoying using it as a body moisturiser all the same.

For such a rich product this sinks into the skin within a few minutes; ideal if you're like me and hate waiting around in the buff - especially during winter. The formula is fairly light and luxurious without feeling too thick or greasy on the skin. And the smell. Oh, the smell. Divine. Packed full of essential oils, the result is a scent that vaguely reminds me of almonds, although the floral notes are definitely still in there. A classic Nuxe scent if ever there were one. Applying this to your skin is comparable to wrapping yourself in silk; it feels incredibly soft and luxurious and does a pretty good job at keeping my body hydrated throughout the day. The scent has a very short life though, which is my only criticism  If I managed to stay smelling as gorgeous as this for longer than 20 minutes I'd be even more pleased with it than I am. 

I'd definitely recommend this if you're in the market for a new body moisturiser, no matter your age. The price tag is fairly hefty but for a product that's 85% natural and completely paraben free you really are paying for what you get. It's the first body cream that I've ever truly stuck to and got into a routine of using, which must be saying something right? I've actually been enjoying all of the products I was sent, so mini reviews on those will probably be cropping up fairly soon!

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