Review | LUSH Shampoo Bars

I love Lush, especially their shampoo. I think their 'BIG' sea salt offering was the first product I ever bought from them and I've been impressed with their haircare range ever since. Their bath bomb fizzer whizzer things are good too, don't get me wrong, but it's their hair products that have always stood out for me. I therefore couldn't wait to get my hands on their range of 'shampoo bars'; fresh, natural shampoo goodness compacted into a handy travel sized block - what's not to love?

The first bar that caught my eye is 'Seanik', a bright blue bar that's packed full of seaweed and sea salt; designed to give the hair volume and lift without compromising on softness and shine. Other ingredients include lemon oil, orange flower and jasmine - making this one beautiful smelling shampoo. One of the key selling points of these bars is the lasting power of the fragrance; something that hasn't particularly lived up to expectation. The product itself smells gorgeous - there's no denying that - but once it's been lathered and rinsed out of my hair the smell just doesn't seem to stick as Lush claim it should, even if I don't use a separate conditioner. That being said, it's a lovely shampoo that does exactly what it says on the label (almost). After use my hair is left with a little more bounce than usual, but nothing all that noticeable - it is however incredibly soft and shiny. I use this when my mane is feeling particularly in need of a thorough cleanse or feels a little more dry than usual, but I find I do still need to load up the styling products in order to get the volume I truly want.

I also picked up 'Jumping Juniper', this time a vivid purple bar aimed at those with oilier hair types. Ingredients such as rosemary and lavender are used to soothe and protect the scalp, alongside oil from the juniperberry, which aims to control the scalp's sebum production. Oily hair is one of the many attributes I spend forever trying to correct, so I couldn't wait to give this one a go. Both bars lather extremely well - which actually took me by surprise a little when I first gave them a go as I didn't expect to get such a rich lather from a solid shampoo. JJ certainly helps to deeply cleanse and clarify my hair; something which doesn't need doing with every single wash, but as a weekly treatment it's a brilliant shampoo. I use a lot of styling products so this is the perfect option when I'm wanting to remove build up; cutting through the grease and giving my scalp a thorough clean. The scent of this isn't as up my street as that of Seanik, but it's pretty damn good none the less. I still wish it lasted longer in my hair though, but you can't have everything I guess!

The shampoo bars retail between £5.50 and £6.50 and there are 10 to choose from overall, each catering to different hair types and needs. Overall I really like the two that I've got. Lush state that as long as the bar is left to dry after each use they should last for around 90 washes each - or three times the amount of a regular bottle of shampoo, which definitely isn't bad. I haven't got to the end of either bar yet, but even after a fair bit of lathering they've barely changed size at all, so I can definitely see them lasting a fair while. The longevity of the scent is a bit of a let down for me, but I do love how gorgeous they smell; it makes showering a much more pleasant experience at least! If you're into natural products and are after something that really gives your hair a thorough cleanse I'd definitely recommend giving these a whirl (/sniff).

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