Review | Bioderma Sebium H2O

One of those brands that definitely doesn't need any introduction, Bioderma has been doing the rounds on the blogging circuit for as long as I can remember. Their Crealine H2O Micellar Solution is something of a wonder product and I too fell for the hype a year or so ago, picking up a couple of 500ml bottles of the stuff that I whizzed through in a flash and fell head over heels for. That being said, I never got around to buying any more once my final bottle ran dry. I really don't have any explanation as to why, except that other cleansers and micellar waters quickly took it's place and made the need for a repurchase redundant. I was also left a little disheartened by how fast I managed to use the solution up; for me there were other makeup removers that were cheaper and a lot more easily accessible that did very much the same thing and lasted a lot longer on my bathroom shelf.

I was however intrigued when I got the chance to try another of Bioderma's Micellar Solutions, this time the Sebium H2O. Aimed at those with oilier skin, it promises to cleanse and purify in the same way as the original, as well as regulating the amount of sebum produced. I have combination skin but I am prone to blemishes; especially in those areas that are slightly more oily such as my forehead and chin, so I was keen to give this a go. 

Viewing this purely as a cleanser I really can't fault it. It works in the same way as Crealine in that it removes practically everything in a single swipe and leaves no trace of residue on the skin. There is some debate about whether or not it's suitable to be used around the eye area though, so it's worth taking that into account (although I always use it to remove eye makeup up as well as everything else and I've never had any problems!) It's also incredibly gentle, but unlike the original it is slightly fragranced so if you're super sensitive then you might want to give this a miss. The other benefit of Sebium is that it helps to keep any oily areas of skin under control for longer; I use this some mornings for exactly that reason and I've noticed a subtle but sure difference in how slippy things have got towards the end of the day - bonus!

I don't use this every single day and even when I do I'm always sure to do a thorough double cleanse just to make sure my skin is perfectly clean. Even so, this really is an essential product to have in the kit - especially on days where I'm far too exhausted to carry out an extensive morning routine. Personally I would say that I prefer this to the more popular Crealine solution, purely because they seem to work in the same way but this has added benefits. It's definitely worth taking a look at Bioderma's website and seeing which version would work best for you - they're one of the few brands that really does cater to every skin type!
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