Essie 'Luxedo'

It wasn't until I was writing my A/W High Street Nail Picks post that I realised I haven't yet swatched this beauty of a seasonal polish. You'd be mad not to fall for the rich berry trend at this time of year and it doesn't get much wealthier than this. A super deep plum that borders on black in some lights, it's my go-to for cold weather wear and I barely took it off my nails during the festive period last year (or for a few months after...)

My love for Essie as a brand is no secret and I tend to sandwich this shade between one of their base coats and their 'No Chips Ahead' top coat option for extra gloss and shine. When it comes to painting my nails I can be incredibly lazy so longevity of a polish is key for me; making this the perfect option as I can usually get away with (just) over a week of wear before it starts to look a little rugged. My only niggle is that it tends to take 3 coats to reach the level of opacity I'm after which can be a pain, especially when I'm in a hurry! The finish in the picture above was done in just two coats and as you can see there are places where it could do with a little touching up, but I feel as though I can just about get away with it... at least I hope I can! That being said it's a lovely polish with an otherwise great formula. It's one of the very few that I've ever taken off only to reapply, which is really saying something!

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