Beauty Bargain: John Lewis Eyelash Curlers

My latest beauty bargain was found in none other than John Lewis, would you believe? I've been after a good pair of lash curlers for a while now and since buying a pretty awful set from Cosmo the need had become pretty desperate. Whilst I love the idea of the Shu Uemura classics I just couldn't bring myself to part with a £20 note for such a basic tool; so I took to John Lewis on the hunt for a more purse-friendly pair and was suitably surprised when I stumbled across these. A snip at £3.25, I took a chance on them having seen nothing in the way of a review or recommendation.

The lash curlers are entirely metal and come equipped with an extra rubber pad, not bad for nothing more than petty change. One of the things that wound me up so much about the set I was using previously was that the plastic handle grips made them a real pain to use, so I feel an awful lot better about curling my lashes with these ones as they're just so damn comfortable. The curlers feel slightly flimsy and may need replacing a little more often than usual as I can imagine they'd get bent pretty easily - especially if they're crammed inside a makeup bag as full as mine! That being said, for the price you definitely can't complain - and it really is the only negative that I can find with these. As a pair of lash curlers they work brilliantly, I can achieve a natural looking curl with minimal effort and it seems to be really hard to get it wrong with this pair, no matter how many times I crimp my lashes the curl remains incredibly natural looking and subtle. There's also never been a case of tugging or pulling on the lashes with these, and the shape seems to fit my round eyes perfectly. I think it's easy to forget that eye shape can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a tool like this; what works for other people might not always be the best option for you. That being said, for the price you can afford not to love these; although I don't know what you wouldn't!

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