A Weekend Catch Up

01. Admittedly I'm having a really hard time blogging at the moment. I still adore writing posts as much as I ever did, but finding the time to do so is becoming a serious struggle. I guess it's just all about time management and knowing how to work it effectively, but with uni, working and running our own home I'm finding it damn hard. The lack of time to take photos and swatches is becoming a real pain too; where has all the daylight gone?! However, I've recently decided to take a leaf out of fromroses' book and begin a little blogging journal where I can keep track of the posts I'm writing and when they'll be published. So far so good, although any past attempts at trying to organise myself have failed miserably. Boo!

02. You may have noticed that thunderl0ve has had a bit of a spruce up recently; I'm completely upfront about my lack of html skills so admittedly it took quite a few attempts to get right, but I think I'm finally at a stage where I feel semi-happy with it. I'd love to know your thoughts on it too!

03. As mentioned, my boyfriend and I have been living in our own flat for the grand total of three months now, although it seems a lot longer looking back. It's been a very bumpy road and we've had an awful lot of hiccups to contend with, but I feel like we're finally getting there and this place is just about starting to feel like home. As our families live so far apart we won't be spending Christmas here which is unfortunate, although I'm so excited to spend a couple of weeks back home! I haven't been there since August so containing my enthusiasm to go back and see everyone is proving pretty difficult right now.

04. I'm planning to do a lil' Christmas giveaway, hopefully beginning at the start of December so that the winner can receive their prize in time for the big day! I've finally made my mind up about what I'm going to pick, so I'm really excited to get going with it. I think I last did a giveaway in March/April and I just feel Christmas is a great opportunity to say thank you again; I've met some amazing people through my little blog and it's such a nice feeling to give something back.

05. For whatever reason (perhaps my student status? Who knows...) I've really started getting into the seasonal reality shows this year. Strictly and I'm A Celebrity have become a regular part of my routine first the first time in years; it's safe to say I'm addicted (and slightly in love with Joey Essex, who knew?) If you share my passion for junk tv the be sure to let me know; a jungle-esque gossip is always welcome!

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