My eyebrows can be pesky little buggers. They have a mind of their own; always have, and I regret to anticipate that they probably always will. Years of over plucking and (botched) DIY wax jobs have left them looking a little worse for wear all round - without even taking into account their naturally bushy state (or the fact that I *may* also have a slight monobrow going on).

I never thought I'd be writing a post about tweezers and spending over a tenner on a pair isn't something I do on the regular. For years I've stuck with the same trusty set and I've never had any problems with them - that is until they went missing. Being completely unable to remember where I'd got my treasured pair from, I was after something that I knew would work; enter the Tweezermans. A brand whose reputation really does proceed them, I'd seen the tweezers mentioned by celebrities on WIMH and wonder-browed bloggers alike (Vivianna and Alix to name a couple) so I decided it was about time to invest.

After a lot of umming and ahing in my local John Lewis, I picked up the Tweezerman 'Mini Slants'. They promise to pack the same precision punch as the originals, but come in a much more practical, pocket-friendly size. I definitely get the hype about these things and I'm so glad I finally made the investment, they really are the sharpest, most precise and easy to use tweezers I've ever owned. Initially I was a little cautious when using them as they are so sharp, but the angle of them means that any little nicks are extremely rare - even more so than with the blunt-ish pair I was using before. For the first time I'm able to grab the niggly little few that seem to only grow to a millimetre or so long, meaning I can get an incredibly precise and defined shape to my brows with minimal effort. They even come alongside their own little plastic carry tube, making them incredibly easy to take on the move (and hide from the boyfriend, the days of my tweezers being used to take apart mechanisms inside cameras have swiftly come to an end).

I'm super happy with these - even though they're not something I'd usually dedicate an entire post to I feel like they're definitely worth a mention. Tweezing my eyebrows and maintaining their shape is a crucial part of my routine, so I really don't feel too bad about splurging when I begin to consider the overall cost-per-use. If you too frequnetly sport a yeti-brow, I highly recommend.

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