Review | Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

I did it. I bought into the hype. This little pot has been doing the rounds and then some on the blogosphere since it's release last month and - after being dubbed a purse-friendly dupe for my beloved Benefit Erase Paste (almost holy grail status, may I add) - I couldn't help but be intrigued enough to test it out for myself. Branded as a 'heavy duty under eye concealer', I was expecting some pretty noticeable results from this. Alongside a milky white complexion, dark under eye circles are one of the things I can't thank my parents enough for; ensue a lifelong hunt for a concealer that actually makes a difference. 

For a long time I've settled for the Benefit option and I've been incredibly pleased with the results, so I was keen to see how this compares; but for me it's just nothing like Erase Paste. The only comparison I can make is that they're both solid concealers that are packaged in a semi-similar way. Formula wise, shade wise and finish wise I just can't see any likeness at all, although that's not to say it's a bad little product. 

The formula of this is incredibly dry and it really takes some work to get it out of the pan, let alone blended onto the skin. When used on my face this isn't so much of a problem, but I do find that even with a moisturising eye cream this is just too drying for the under eye area. I have dry skin around there anyway so not everyone will find this to be the case, but it's definitely worth mentioning - I'd suggest even those with oily skin could do with applying something underneath this to prevent the product looking cakey. Despite all that, the coverage of this really is excellent and it's definitely worth the extra time taken to blend it properly. The stress of moving house, starting uni and finding a job has really taken its toll on my skin lately and so this has come in handy when I've needed to cover any niggly little scars and blemishes. The dry formula has it's benefits in that it lasts forever on the skin too, so touch ups are minimal (the packaging does include a handy little mirror though, just in case!)

I definitely wont be throwing away my pot of Erase Paste any time soon, but I wont be letting this sink to the bottom of the stash either. I have a lot more luck with this when I use it over blemishes and redness, it's just a shame that it isn't suited to my under eyes as the coverage is brilliant. The shade 'Fair' is perfect for me too, although I don't understand the brand's decision to only release two reasonably pale shades. It's a good little concealer for the price, but one that I wont be coming down from my fence about any time soon.