Red Robin

Guilty of a bit of makeup snobbery, I've never actually picked up a nail polish from Natural Collection despite often falling for the shades on offer (Antique Coral is an absolute beaut - definitely one to keep an eye out for!). That being said, on a recent Boots spending spree window shop I ended up slipping one of the bottles into my basket. Red Robin is a vibrant, classic red shade with a tiny hint of silver shimmer in the bottle, although this doesn't really transfer on the nail. 

I was so impressed with this polish as early on as application. While the thin brush leaves a little to be desired, the formula of this is absolutely gorgeous. I could have easily finished application at one coat - the opacity is far better than many of the higher end reds in my collection and the polish itself goes onto the nail incredibly smoothly. In the end I opted for two coats to be on the safe side, sandwiching them between layers of Essie's All In One base & topcoat. Whilst I do think the longevity of the polish is ultimately down to the person wearing it, I couldn't write a post on this and not mention its potential staying power. It's been just over a week now since I applied this and I couldn't be happier - any chips in the polish are virtually undetectable and my DIY mani still looks so good - if I do say so myself. 

Shade wise I'd compare this to Chanel Dragon - the colour of which I LOVE, the formula however I definitely don't. Natural Collection nail polishes can be picked up in pretty much every Boots store (although some do have far more varied shade ranges than others) and come in at under £2, what's not to love? I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of the brands '3 for £5' offer next time I'm in town!


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