Currently Loving

The seasonal transition always leaves me excited to try out a few new beauty products, as well as keen to dig out some old favourites that may have taken a back seat for a couple of months. Therefore I thought it would be fitting to give you a lil' rundown of a few items that have been making the beauty cut over the past few weeks...

I wrote a pretty scathing review of the La Roche Posay Effaclar K when I first bought it way back at the start of the year (find that here), but time has been kind to my skin and recently I've found myself getting an awful lot of use from the serum. I'd actually shoved it to the bottom of my dresser assuming I'd never find any real use for it. In fact, it wasn't until the latest bottle of my highly coveted Effaclar Duo ran dry that I reached for it in a desperate bid to keep sebum-plagued pores at bay until I could next make a hasty trip to Boots. How wrong was I about this not making a difference to blemish prone skin? Turns out, very. I initially started using this when my skin was still at it's most misbehaving, which may have been my downfall as now that I have a generally calmer complexion this stuff is working wonders at keeping pesky little 'under the skin' spots at bay. I still use Effaclar Duo (if I'm honest I can't really forsee a time when I wont...) but for now I'm really enjoying the latest LRP addition to my evening routine.

In terms of makeup I've been keeping things as simple and fuss-free as possible lately. Pale, winter skin means that I've been reaching for the Liz Earle Signature Foundation once again as the shade 'Porcelain' is perfect for days when a subtle golden glow seems a million miles away. The Seventeen Phwoarr Paint has also been bought in on most mornings in a bid to perfect and even out my skintone even more. Whilst I don't like using this under my eyes, a thin layer applied to any problematic areas pre-foundation blends out to create an (almost) perfect blank canvas. 

One of the key products in my current morning routine is the Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisture Cream (phew!). An incredibly lightweight lotion, this is still deeply nourishing and it sinks in quickly to leave my skin feeling hydrated and plumped; perfect for applying makeup on top of. I'm also slowly coming round to the smell of it - strange, as it's something I absolutely hated about the product for a long time! The last favourite emerging from my skincare stash is one that I'll be posting a full review of asap; the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask. I own many a clay mask but this really is the most luxurious of them all - perfect for those cold evenings spent on full throttle pampering sessions. It's also damn good at sorting out blemished skin overnight - but more on that later in the week!