Bumble & Bumble Miniature Marvels

Brand focused posts aren't something that crop up all that regularly on thunderl0ve, probably because there are very few brands that I fall hard enough for. Whilst Origins and La Roche Posay are my exceptions for skincare and Estee Lauder is 'the one' for all things cosmetic, when it comes to my hair I must confess that my feelings for Bumble & Bumble run pretty damn deep. A run through of three of my favourite products is therefore most definitely called for...

Texture (un)Dressing Creme: love this stuff. I remember eyeing it up for months before I finally got around to buying it. For me it's definitely worth the money - especially as a pea sized amount is is all I need for a noticeable difference in the hold and manageability of my hair. Naturally my hair sits perfectly straight with very little texture and a hell of a lot of softness, so it's only logical that my dream is to make it do the exact opposite of that. The instructions state that this creme must only be used on damp hair, but a tiny bit rubbed between my palms and distributed through dry lengths gives me the perfect amount of dishevelled-ness without looking at all greasy or overdone.

Surf Spray: the first product I ever got my mitts on from the brand has gradually gained something of a cult status and it's definitely easy to figure out why. I've tried plenty of traditional 'salt sprays' in the past and have never been wowed by any quite in the way that I have by this - it just works. My summertime haircare routine was simply to wash it every evening, scrunch a healthy dose of this through the lengths and leave it to dry naturally overnight; resulting in textured, beachy waves every time. The miniature size sits snuggly inside my handbag for an extra boost of tousled goodness on the move.

Thickening Hairspray: the most controversial of the lot, this one is always sure to split opinion. As I've already mentioned, I have hair that's particularly fine and limp and I must admit for me this works wonders. To use, I tend to spritz a good amount over damp hair before blow drying my mane upside down for some much needed va va voom. Out of all three it's probably the only one that I could manage to live without if I had to, but it's still an absolute staple in my haircare routine. I've recently got my fringe cut back in so it's ideal for adding some fullness and body to that too!

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