Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking #5

Admittedly my blogging mojo has been wavering a little lately, but I've still been reading and keeping up to date with some of my favourite beauty reads as much as I ever have. Whilst the fresh content on thunderl0ve has been appearing a little less frequently (hopefully not for much longer - I'm sure you all know the feeling associated with having a dose of 'bloggers block') I've still been getting my nerd on over all the beauty-related bumph that some of my favourite bloggers have been putting out there. Here are just a few of those on my 'must check daily' list...

First up is BonjourLuce. If you haven't already added this slice of beauty goodness to your daily reading list, you absolutely must. Well written posts, stunning blog photography and a blogger who shares the same amount of passion for all things skincare as myself? A must read. 

Another blog that's earnt a firm place on my daily rounds is Jennypurr. I can safely say it's one of my all time favourites, a perfectly laid out page filled with snippets of Jen's enviable makeup and skincare stash, upon every visit I leave Jen's little corner of the internet with a wishlist as long as my arm. If you're not already a Jennypurr fan you soon will be (your debit card however, not so much). 

If it's a healthy dose of beauty, fashion and lifestyle you're after than Kayleigh from CoutureGirl has you covered. A clear layout and photography are really important to me and that's something that CG has ample amounts of; making Kayleigh's blog such a pleasure to read. A one-stop shop for all things shamelessly girly and fun, it's one of those blogs that I genuinely get excited by when I see a new post pop up on my bloglovin' feed - now that's saying something.

Last but definitely not least is TalkingAboutM. One of the newer finds on my list (ever have that feeling when you stumble upon a new read and wonder how you've managed to miss it for so long? Yeah, that), Megan's blog is filled with enough beauty booty to keep you satisfied for a good few hours at least. With in-depth reviews, product comparisons and gossip from backstage events, it's love.

I hope you find something you like this month and as ever be sure to leave me some of your blog recommendations - beauty or otherwise - I'm always looking for even more reasons to procrastinate!

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