Review | Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Freebie!

It's been so long since I blogged - moving has been far more hectic than I ever could have imagined and I just haven't had the chance to sit and focus my mind on anything remotely enjoyable. The good news? We're finally getting somewhere with making our new pad liveable and homely. The bad? We still have no Internet access and probably won't until mid-September... sob. We're staying over at Calum's house this weekend so I'm planning on scheduling some beauty blab for the coming weeks, plus there's always Starbucks free wifi, right?!

Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer used to be one of my holy grail hair products back in the day, but I never actually got round to repurchasing once my first tube ran dry and recently I'd kind of forgotten about it all together. The pre-shampoo treatment once did my hair the world of good though, so you can imagine my excitement when I spotted a (reasonable sized) tube being given away with this months InStyle magazine. Lately I've been stuck in a complete rut with my hair and really haven't known what to do with it from one day to the next (at one point I genuinely entertained the idea of getting a perm, imagine) so giving my locks a nourishing treat sounding like the perfect thing. I actually haven't had my mane trimmed since January so it's no wonder it's been looking a little lacklustre! 

The PK Elasticizer is a hair treatment mask that aims to add bounce, nourishment and vitality to damaged locks. Containing a cocktail of natural oils, as well as elastin and silicones to add strength and shine, this stuff is 'da bomb' if you're after a hair treatment that genuinely works. Whilst the packaging is nothing special it's safe to say that this is one of those no-frills products that does exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn't really have any scent to it at all - but then it doesn't need to considering it's applied prior to shampooing and conditioning. A nice thick layer of this left to sit on my lengths for half an hour before showering leaves my hair feeling stronger and thicker than before. Having succumbed to countless dying and bleaching escapades in years gone by, a weekly treatment with this is exactly what my hair needs in order to inject some life back into it. Unlike many treatments this doesn't leave my hair feeling so soft that it's impossible to do anything with - instead it increases manageability whilst reducing the damage that's been plaguing my hair for years now. 

One thing I'd point out with this is that the instructions do say to wrap your hair in something whilst the treatment works it's magic; something that I didn't actually do until recently but I can definitely see the benefits of. Keeping your hair warm and air tight in cling film or a towel allows the ingredients to work as well as they can and really penetrate the hair - and you can definitely notice results after doing so! It's safe to say that I really can't get enough of this stuff and going back to it after all this time definitely hasn't dented my opinion!

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