Review | Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

For me, the words 'cleanser' and 'moisturising' tend not to mix very well. The vast majority of options I've tried (believe me, there have been many) have left my skin feeling tight, dry, irritated or all of the above. I've never used a cleanser that has given me any amount of radiance or brightness, but that all changed when I finally got around to picking up this highly coveted balm from Clinique a couple of weeks ago. My cleansing stash is pretty hefty, but I've been reaching for the same one every evening - something that's quite a feat for me!

Aside from Bioderma I haven't really found a cleanser that gets rid of EVERYTHING, hence why I'm such a huge fan of the double cleanse. This super rich formula literally dissolves every scrap of makeup, lifting everything off my skin with minimal elbow grease involved. Despite holding such a close resemblance to lard when it's sitting in the pot, it reacts instantly with the heat from your fingertips and feels incredibly lightweight on the skin - I've actually left it sitting on the surface before and forgot it was even there! The formula itself melts to a richly nourishing oil that even my waterproof mascara is no match for. Applied directly to dry skin and massaged in for a minute or two, I'm left with skin that feels clean, soft and ready for the rest of my evening skincare routine.

Despite being a high end brand, for me this little pot has lasted an incredibly long time and there's still a lot of life in it - turning the middle of the road price tag into an absolute bargain. A tiny bit of this silky smooth formula is all you need to cover the entire face and cleanse everything. Although it doesn't claim to have any anti-acne benefits my skin on the whole has definitely improved since I've been using this. No irritation, no tightness, no 'I've just scrubbed my face to within an inch of it's life' feeling. Perfect! 

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