Review | Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in 'Red Dahlia'

Luck has it we finally have wifi installed in our flat.. hell yes. It's been absolutely ages since I've managed to get my blog awn properly but I'm so grateful to all of you for being patient and sticking around - trust me, an online addict with no wifi for over a month is a recipe for disaster. Just ask my boyfriend, it's been five weeks of mood swings and hissy fits galore.

I'd be lying if I said I've always had a love for tinted lip balms. Much like in the 'tinted moisturiser vs foundation' debate I've always tended to opt for products that offer full on colour, coverage and lasting power. Being so pale means that balms offering a subtle hint of pink don't really suit me, so it was only when I saw the rich burgundy shade 'Red Dahlia' in the Burt's Bees range that I decided to take the plunge. Whilst I much prefer the look of a lipstick over a gloss or balm I do like the idea of achieving a barely-there amount of colour for everyday use - particularly as it's a colour that I was attracted to anyway and figured would suit me quite well.

As a lip balm I'd say this works pretty averagely. It's definitely more of a lightweight option for daily use - providing a short term dose of moisture for the lips. If your pout is particularly dry (much like mine unfortunately!) you're unlikely to get any long term benefit from using this. The balm isn't sticky though which is definitely a positive, plus the feeling of it lasts well on the lips. The packaging however is another gripe of mine, why Burt's Bees felt the need to add so much unnecessary cardboard bumph is beyond me. The only possible reason I can conjure up is that it provides a visible difference between the tinted and non-tinted balms in store, but even so I think they could have dreamt up a far better way to solve the issue. I bought mine in store and it was also clear after getting it home that the packaging itself had been tampered with a little - although the actual tube inside didn't appear to have been touched. It did put me off a little though!

The colour pay off of this has also left me feeling a little bit 'meh'. Whilst I understand this was never going to give my lips a flush of red that compares to a traditional lipstick or stain, I really can't seem to notice any difference whatsoever. It's the darkest shade in the range and it's still incredibly sheer and lacking in pigment, which surprised me a lot as I'm normally really impressed with BB's products. It may just be that the colour differs from person to person, but for me I'd have liked it to have a little more of an impact; it genuinely does just sit on my lips in the same way a clear balm would. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this product. It's a nifty little lip balm that half does what it says on the tin and may just work a little better on other people than it does on me. I do however think there are better options out there for a fraction of the price (Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry Me being one of them). I still adore Burt's Bees on the whole and couldn't recommend their bath and body care range enough, I'll just be sticking to other brands for my lip balms in the future!

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