Review | Apivita With Olive

It's far from the norm for me to be posting about any kind of exfoliating scrub, let alone a facial one. I've made no secret about my hatred for the things after using my fair share of harsh, abrasive formulas in the past but this latest purchase kind of happened by accident. I mentioned in a recent post that I'd fallen head over heels for some of the Apivita skincare now available at M&S and in a recent scurry through the store I picked up some sachets of this stuff, being tricked by its strategical placing in the middle of a shelf full of masks and the misleading description of a 'cream'. Initially I expected this to be a traditional face mask too, so I was a little bit saddened when I opened the first packet to find a scrub - teaches me to read the packaging properly before I buy something next time! Never one to miss an opportunity to try a new product out I decided I'd give it a go anyway, although I definitely wasn't expecting very good results. Reading countless beauty blogs, books and magazines has taught me to step well away from products that exfoliate using some kind of 'grit' in the formula - nevertheless I can't bring myself to waste a few quid!

First things first, there's no denying that this product smells damn fine. A lot of the products I'm using at the moment are completely fragrance free so this is making a nice change, leaving my skin with a subtle, fruity scent - if only until I apply my moisturiser. It's a creamy, luxurious feeling scrub that feels a lot more gentle on my skin than many of the others I've tried despite still being packed full of those awful 'beads' (this time they're natural, but that doesn't mean they're any less irritating and abrasive on the skin!) As an exfoliator this works pretty averagely. It does leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, clean and refreshed immediately after use but the results aren't particularly long lasting. I've had some serious breakouts lately which have left me with the odd scab and patch of dry skin (nice) and this doesn't seem to make any difference to the appearance of either. My complexion isn't noticeably more radiant or glowing after I've used this either, although I can imagine those with oilier skin may benefit a bit more from the ingredients. 

Whilst this isn't the ideal product for me I can definitely see myself picking lots more up from the Apivita skincare range and I have already come across some others that suit my needs much more. Like this one, many of their masks and lotions come packaged in 8ml sachets which make them perfect for using as a 'try before you buy', plus they make great gifts too! I bought a few of these particular sachets and I've had to decant all of the ones I've opened into small pots as there's far too much product inside for just one use; ideal if you love the product you've bought, not so ideal if you have nothing available to empty the extra product into. If you're into scrubs like this then it's definitely one to try, unfortunately it just wasn't what I expected it to be!

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