Current Haircare Routine

Since I wrote my first haircare routine post back in June, things have (thankfully) changed a lot. I'm still not a product connoisseur by any means, but I have taken to looking after my locks a little better and loosening the purse strings in order to do so. Gone are the days of picking up whatever shampoo happened to be on offer in my local supermarket; instead I've started paying attention to exactly what ingredients I'm using and where I'm using them. 

Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is an old favourite that's revived my pre-shampoo routine once more and is currently making all the difference to the condition of my hair. I apply a 50p sized amount to slightly damp locks before hitting the shower and leave it to sit for half an hour or so in a warm towel, later removing any trace of the stuff during my hair washing routine. For me it's an absolute wonder product and I can't forsee it losing it's place as a staple in my haircare routine any time soon! My hair is left noticeably softer and more manageable when this is included; I really can't sing it's praises enough!

Post-shower the first thing I reach for is the Aussie Colour Insurance Leave in Conditioner, which I spritz all over for protection and added shine. It also allows me to comb through my wet hair a lot easier, reducing the size of any knots and tangles which may be lurking around. Bumble & Bumble's Thickening Hairspray is then used in much the same way, being distributed all over my mane with the hopes of giving an extra lease of life to my desperately fine locks. Contrary to popular belief my hair is relatively weak and thin, I just have a lot of it to cope with! Percy & Reed's No Oil Oil is then applied right to the ends for a hint of shine, which again is much needed as the tips of my hair have been bleached so often in the past (sob!)

Once all that's taken care of the seriously styling begins to take place. A golf ball amount of Sachajuan SPF Mousse is added to plump up the roots and give me some much-needed volume and hold. I rave on about this product all the time but it really is good at adding bounce to the hair - one to watch if naturally your locks fall as flat as mine! A tiny amount of Bumble & Bumble's Hair (un)Dressing Creme is then mixed with a spritz of the Surf Spray and massaged into the roots for extra definition and grit. Used separately these two are great, but when added together I really feel like they do an amazing job at defining my style. I then roughly shape my hair with my fingers before blow drying the top section into place and allowing the lengths to air dry as I find that this gives me a lovely loose texture that I don't get if I blow dry the whole thing. A final spritz of the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and a quick scrunch, then I'm good to go!

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