Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking #4

Life without wifi is a very dull life indeed, so I was elated earlier this week when I finally got to kick of my shoes, boil the kettle and snuggle down with a few of my favourite beauty reads (and a multipack of Kit Kats... never a sensible move). If I were to list all of the blogs I made sure to check out that first evening we'd be here an awfully long time, so instead I rounded it down to a few of my go-tos for beauty related blurb - some of my others favourites have already been mentioned in previous BBWB posts which can be found here.

You all know by now that I love a good dose of skincare chat, so Lillian's blog parisiantobe was high on my list of 'must reads'. A blog written by someone who takes their time and shows a genuine passion always gets a thumbs up from me and Lillian's post are always down to earth yet incredibly informative. Also, an entire post dedicated to the wonder that is Origins? The girl got taste

Sophie runs a blog that I'd have followed purely for the aesthetics, but luckily the content is pretty damn good too. privatelifeofagirl features an eclectic mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with some stunning photography to boot. Plus there's some serious hair envy going down on my part - brunette locks for A/W anyone?

Cllrs is a calorific slice of beauty goodness run by the lovely Callie Rose. Her recent Space NK wonder haul had me all kinds of jealous and left me lusting over products I never knew I needed. Callie's little corner of the internet focuses on product reviews, lifestyle posts and some damn impressive nail art - an ideal place to escape to when you're in need of some girly TLC.

If it's a healthy dose of makeup based chat you're after, look no further than thebeautymilk. Puerto Rican beauty Coco runs a blog that leaves me swooning upon every visit. Filled with cosmetic reviews, recommendations and swatches, I could get lost in the BM archives for hours. She's also absolutely lovely too, which always helps!

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and find something you like! Also feel free to let me know some of your favourite blogs in the comments below - beauty or otherwise - I'm always on the lookout for something new to procrastinate over!