The Sunday Post | When In Wales + New Additions

We got back from our week away in Wales late on Friday evening, so I figured I'd sort a little Sunday chill out post with some of the photos Calum & I took while there. My family originally come from Holyhead - a tiny island off the Welsh coast - and we had such a lovely time snooping around and finding out as much information on my ancestors as possible. I'm something of a history geek so I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to start drawing up my first family tree!

We stayed in a little town named Betws-Y-Coed which was lovely. Instead of getting a hotel we decided to rent out a little holiday cottage for a week, which ended up having perfect views of the river which ran right through the bottom of the garden. I also had my first experience sleeping in a four poster bed for the week - definitely going to need me one of those!

In terms of activities we decided to just keep most days pretty chilled. As I say, the river that runs through Betws-Y-Coed was right in our garden so we spent the first day hiking up and down hills, trying to find the best spot to paddle. We ended up walking for well over 4 hours and I enjoyed every second of it - there are some beautiful places around the area and we made sure to really take our time in exploring. It was a good thing we made the most of the river on the first day too as bad weather the rest of the week meant it got a lot more fierce at time went on; watching people trying to canoe down it from the comfort of our living room proved to be another highlight later in the week!

Due to the bad weather we decided to spend some of our time doing something crafty, preferably something which meant we could sit indoors for the day! We ended up spending a few hours in 'Piggery Pottery' - a sweet little place just outside of Caenarfon. As well as buying pottery and attempting to create your own, you have the chance to purchase pre-made pottery and paint it yourself, which is exactly what we did. Calum set about painting a piggy bank and I decided to decorate a cat - he's definitely the more artistically minded out of the two of us! It really surprised me how much I enjoyed that day, even if the results weren't entirely perfect!

We generally just explored for the rest of the week, but it was so nice to take some time out and just chill. What with moving, Calum finishing his course and us both starting university in September things had started to get a little bit on top of us, so it really proved to be perfect timing. I can't recommend Wales enough if you're looking for somewhere you can rest and explore in equal measure - it's a beautiful place to be (and I'm not just saying that because I'm from there, promise!)

In other news, Calum and I have been keeping ourselves occupied since we got back with two new additions to our family. We picked up a couple of baby guinea pigs on a bit of a whim this morning and I haven't been able to tear myself away from them all day, they're so sweet! I haven't had guinea pigs for years so I'm so excited! The white faced, scruffy one is Fifi and her brown faced sister is Orla - I'm head over heels already! Obviously with moving to a flat chances are our little friends wont be able to come with us, but we wont be living far away and Calum's parents have said they'll look after them for us as long as we visit regularly (not a hard task considering how sweet they are). I feel like a proud mum! 

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