The Ace of Base

There's not much more that I want from life my makeup than a glowing, flawless base. Foundations, concealers and radiance boosters take up a pretty hefty chunk of my makeup bag and are the products that I just can't resist buying more and more of. I've tried countless combinations in the past and think I have finally found a winner.. for now at least!

To begin with I like to prep my skin with a bit of Benefit's High Beam dotted over the high points of my face. I focus on my nose, chin, cheekbones and forehead and blend the product well; something which I find gives me a subtle glow underneath my foundation. This acts in place of a primer for me, which is a step in my routine that I skip quite often.

Next up, I take the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation and use it much like a concealer over any blemishes, spots and redness. I tend to get particularly red underneath and around my nose, so I'm always sure to use a small bit on that area and blend it in before I apply my foundation. I initially starting using this product as my go-to base when my skin was particularly bad, but since it's cleared up I now just use it specific areas as it's a bit too heavy for everyday. A tiny bit goes a long way and it covers imperfections like a dream, so I'd definitely recommend it to anyone suffering with acne prone skin or scarring. After blending everything out, I use Liz Earle's Signature Foundation over the rest of my skin to even out my complexion. This foundation is perfect in that it provides a healthy looking, medium coverage whilst still looking and feeling incredibly lightweight. The shade 'Porcelain' matches my skin really well and leaves me with a flawless finish that still manages to look fresh and radiant; not bad for the £21 price tag!

To finish off, I tackle my eye area using Benefit Erase Paste. Having suffered from dark circles for as long as I can remember, I'm so grateful to have finally found a product that works for me. Erase Paste is a thick, creamy concealer with pink undertones that balance out the blue around the eye area. Although it's a little too heavy to use all over my face, I find that a tiny bit dotted over the dark circles camouflages them for a good few hours without creasing or slipping away.

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