Review | Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

Like most people I have different talents when it comes to makeup application, and eyeliner definitely ain't one of them. For years I've practised and for years I've failed. And the cat-eye flick? No. Don't even get me started. One brand I've always been keen on trying however is Eyeko; with a great reputation for making fool-proof liners and mascaras they've been top of my list for a while and I finally got my mitts on their Skinny Liquid Liner. A felt tip applicator with a jet black finish, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Out of all the different types of liner the felt pen is probably the one I'm most familiar with. I have owned this kind of liner before from different brands and have found the results to be very hit and miss - although when I do manage to get it right I really love the look. The shape and size of this pen is pretty much perfect for me. A super thin tip that gradually thickens out, it's easy to control just how dense you want the line to be and it's skinny enough to draw fine detail such as flicks with as little mess as possible. Upon initial application I made sure to be super gentle with the pen and let it glide along my lash line while applying as little pressure as possible. I've always used this technique when applying liner in the past but I was sad to see that barely anything had transferred to my skin and I was left with a smudgy grey line - not a good look. I took up the pen again and went over the same area, pressing down a little harder and expecting a jet-black line, but again very little happened and the liner barely showed up. At this point I surrendered and removed the liner before leaving the pen upside down through the day, allowing the product to seep down into the nib. I was disappointed to find that even this didn't work and aside from a few random spots of black liner I was still left with a faint grey line. For me the pen is just too dry to work with no matter how I try to use it, which is a shame as I had really high hopes initially!

Chances are I was just unlucky and picked up a dud pen - I've heard amazing things about them and many of the swatches I've seen show the ink to be jet black. When I was younger I frequently repurchased the Liner Feutre from Bourjois and I found that similar things happened; the first couple of pens I got worked perfectly, but the third was almost entirely dried up from the moment I took it out of the packaging. I don't doubt that this is the same and if I'd have bought the next pen in the batch I probably wouldn't have had the same problem, but for £10 I have to admit that I probably wont be repurchasing and taking the risk. I'm currently using the Collection 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner and I find that it gives me far better results for less than half the price - I just need to get my practise on!