Review | Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray

You all know that I love me some Bumble & Bumble and this spray has been all over the blogosphere since it cropped up as a freebie in Elle this month (as far as I know it's still available). Bb are probably my favourite haircare brand as they churn out products that may be a little on the pricey side, but they actually work. The Thickening Spray was one of the first purchases I made when I ventured into the brand so I couldn't help but stock up on a couple of issues of Elle in order to keep my supply topped up! It works differently to conventional hairsprays in that in can be used whilst your mane is still damp, so it's almost like it's setting the style before you've put it in place. 

When it comes to adding thickness and body to my hair I'm usually much more inclined to buy a mousse or creme product as in the past sprays just haven't performed well for me. I have fine hair but lots of it, so getting the balance right and keeping volume in my roots without making my lengths look too poofy has always proved to be tricky; however in typical 'always wanting want I can't have' style I've been after a bigger bouffant for as long as I can remember! Whilst most thickening products do very little other than make my roots appear greasy and weigh my hair down (neither are hard to do, may I add) this is one of the few that does quite the opposite. I generally spritz a bit of this into my lengths when my hair is damp and scrunch them a little for added body. I then mix a tiny bit with some of the Bumble & Bumble Hair (un)Dressing Creme and work the two into my roots, leaving it to sit for a minute before ruffling up with my fingers and blow drying. My hair looks and feels more full of life after I've used this and I can definitely notice the difference, but in a subtle way. I feel as though it's easy to expect miracles from these types of products and be disappointed when you don't immediately come over all Bardot-esque after three squirts, but realistically that just isn't going to happen (unfortunately!)

In terms of adding hold to a style I can't really comment as it's a rare occasion that I actually do anything to my hair - I'm a big fan of allowing the lengths to air dry and just leaving it to do it's thang. In terms of the body this gives my hair I'd absolutely say I'm sold, especially when it's available for the price of a magazine - and a good mag at that! 

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