Review | Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

If you'll have learnt anything about me from my blog so far it's that I do love a good cleanser. Moisturisers come and go, I may have the odd bottle of toner lying around, but cleansers? Cleansers are my weakness. Well, those and face masks of course...

Although I don't love using foam cleansers as I often find them to be quite drying, there's something about scrubbing up a rich lather that makes you feel like you're really getting your skin squeaky clean. I've mentioned before that Balance Me are a skincare brand that I don't have much history with, but I've recently been testing a few products out and so far so good. I'm a sucker for natural, organic skincare that contains as few chemicals as possible so the brand in general get a big thumbs up from me. 

The Pure Skin Face Wash has been sitting sink-side for a few weeks now and it's the only product I've tried from the company so far that unfortunately my skin just can't seem to get on with. Despite containing some wonderful, natural ingredients (it's completely free of sulphate and petroleum, meaning that the benefits this has on your skin are largely down to the oils within it), this actually seems to irritate my skin and leaves my complexion looking red and blotchy... something which I can't quite understand. It was the only newbie that I introduced to my routine before my face begun breaking out big time, so I refrained from using it while my skin recovered and gradually bought it back, only to find that the same thing happened again. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is in this that stresses my skin out so much but it means I'm wary of using this now, boo!

The plus points of this are still evident despite it just not being right for me. As a cleanser it's extremely easy to use - simply mix the gel with a small bit of warm water and work into a lather between your palms before massaging over your face. Voila! My skin does feel relatively clean and refreshed after using this, although I always double cleanse just to be sure. The scent is almost identical to REN's Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream which is another definite plus for me and a little goes a long way so the cost-per-use is super low for an organic cleanser. I definitely wouldn't put anyone off trying this, I'd just advise caution if you have sensitive skin like me! I've found the rest of the Daily Essentials range from Balance Me to be absolutely fine though, so I can only assume there's one ingredient in this that my skin has spontaneously decided to dislike. If your skin isn't so sensitive - particularly if it's on the normal/combination end of the scale - I wouldn't hesitate in giving this one a go.

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