Big Is Beautiful

Whilst it's safe to say I'm usually a fan of natural beauty, there are some aspects of my daily routine where I truly believe that bigger is better and my usual 'less-is-more' mentality gets left at the door. I'm talking fat lashes, a pukka pout and a bloody big mass of hair - none of which I've been naturally blessed with, yet I can't help but lust after them all. In my quest I've stumbled across some products that help to pump up the volume and keep things boosted all day.

I'm a firm believer that a woman's hair can never be 'too big'. During my early teens I sported a huge backcombed bouffant on the daily, caking my hair in so much hairspray that it wouldn't move. Nowadays I'm a lot more laid back with my mane, but adding that little bit of extra 'oomph' is still a massive part of my routine. I start on my mission for XXL volume as early as the shower, massaging a generous amount of Lush BIG Shampoo into the roots for added texture and grit (plus it smells damn good). Next up, I spritz a fair amount of Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray over the lengths to perk up my naturally lank locks - following up with a few squirts of the Surf Spray. Used together, I find that both products give me just the right amount of volume and body without looking too OTT. Using the Surf Spray also means that I don't have to straighten my locks and can let them dry with a natural wave - definitely a bonus for me!

My lips are one of the things I dislike most about my face. I have a classic case of uneven lips, with the top one being much thinner than the bottom and it bugs me to this day. Whilst there are multiple tricks you can do with lip liner in order to enhance your pout's natural shape (watch this video from Lisa Eldridge if you're interested, she explains it much better than I ever could!) I've found that using a sheer, glossy lip colour is a great way to plump up my pout when I'm in a hurry - plus it's a lot more fool-proof! Often I just slick on a little lip balm and I'm good to go, but for days when I want a little bit more colour I reach for Sleek True Colour Lipstick in 'Barely There'. A soft, natural pink tone with a shiny finish - I love this lipstick for both the shade and the way it enhances my lips.

In terms of my eyes I usually like to play it pretty low key, meaning that my lashes become an even more crucial part of my routine as quite often mascara is the only eye makeup I use. I always make sure to curl my lashes to start with and lately I've fallen hard for the Cosmo Maximum Effect Eyelash Curlers. A quick squeeze with these ensures that I get a subtle curl that makes all the difference to my naturally long lashes. I then apply a coat or two of my favourite mascara, Benefit They're Real. I've mentioned this mascara countless times on my blog now but I really can't sing it's praises enough. I apply one coat during the daytime but three is the optimum when I'm after super thick, voluminous lashes with no clumps in sight.

Benefit They're Real Mascara (£19.50)

(P.S - this months ELLE magazine includes a free mini Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray - definitely worth checking out if you're into big locks. I can't recommend it enough and I'll definitely be stocking up!)
(P.P.S - to celebrate the second birthday of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara, the brand have bought out special 'Double The Real' packs, which include a full size mascara and an extra travel sized tube for the same price as the original. I've not seen them in stores yet but rumour has it they've already hit ASOS - again it's something that's definitely worth checking out!)