Beauty Booty Not Worth The Hype

I'm sure we've all fallen foul of being overly influenced by the blogs and magazine articles we read when it comes to loading up our beauty bulk. Over the past few months I've excitedly bought into the buzz surrounding certain products and brands, only to find that they've fallen a little short of expectation and just haven't worked for me. Whether it's timeless classics or shiny new releases, the hype can sometimes leave us feeling a little underwhelmed by certain beauty bumph, so I thought I'd share with you some of the things that just haven't hit the mark. To make it clear, just because these things haven't worked for me it doesn't mean that they're rubbish products. All of the ones I'll mention have received substantial amounts of praise within the beauty world and that wouldn't be without reason; they just haven't been right for me. Everyone has different preferences and needs - especially where skincare is concerned - so please don't take any of my opinions as bible!

L'oreal 3 in 1 Micellar Solution - I actually wrote a fairly good review on this when it first came out, believing it to be a cheap, accessible alternative to the coveted Bioderma. After a while though I started to realise how irritated this would make my skin after use, especially around the eye area. I boycotted my bottle for a little while and the problem cleared up, but once I got back into using it again my eyes returned to their sore, blotchy state. I have a fair amount of discolouration around my eyes anyway but this really made them sting and the area around them has a tendency to feel tender to the touch after I've removed my makeup with this. I've come to the conclusion that it's just too harsh for my skin, which is a shame as it's great at doing the job it's intended to do!

Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution - having suffered with acne through most of my teenage years I'm pretty well equipped when it comes to judging spot-fighting remedies. The Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution first appeared in a glossybox last year and the hype around it was amazing, but I didn't find that it does what it says on the tin. Deemed as something of a wonder product, I apply this over blemishes before going to bed and often see little/no difference come morning. It doesn't seem to prevent spots or cure them - nor does it decrease the time they take to disappear, making me wonder exactly what this 'anti blemish' solution does do.

La Roche Posay Effaclar K - La Roche Posay are one of my favourite skincare brands and Effaclar Duo is probably the most 'can't live without' skincare essential I own, but Effaclar K just does nothing for my skin. Initially I begun using this once a day on rotation with Effaclar Duo, only to find that including this in my routine made my skin worse as opposed to clearing it up. I've barely touched my tube since and I definitely wont be finishing it (I still love you, La Roche Posay!)

Revlon Just Kissable Lip Stain - these drugstore stains received a whole lot of praise when they first launched and I hurriedly made sure to get my hands on some, only to be really disappointed with the result. For a lip 'stain' they don't have any staying power on my pout at all - they're literally gone within minutes. I also found them to have an incredibly drying formula that clings to any little patches on the lips and the whole finish is messy and uneven. Not a good look, especially if you opt for one of the bolder, brighter shades!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - it almost pains me to feature this foundation on the list as I've had such a love/hate relationship with it in the past, but sadly it just isn't for me. When first applied I absolutely adore the finish it leaves - in an instant my skin looks fresh, dewy and (almost) completely flawless. However, fast forward an hour or two and you'd be forgiven for thinking I was risking a 'no foundation' day - and not in a good way! No matter what primer/powder/setting spray I use with this I just can't get it to stay put on my skin, which is a real shame as I do love how this initially makes my skin look. I'm halfway through my current tube and whilst I'll probably be finishing it up I definitely wont be splurging on another one.

Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisturiser - being a huge fan of all things natural and organic in skincare I really wanted to like this. I do rate Neal's Yard products on the whole but this one just didn't live up to the expectations. A light moisturiser that feels almost 'runny' - it does very little in terms of actually hydrating my combination skin. The strong scent has also received a lot of praise in the blogging community but it's definitely not my cup of tea and is enough to turn my stomach first thing in the morning - not what I look for in a daily moisturiser!

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