YSL Rose Baby Doll Dupe | Topshop One Hot Minute

Over the past few weeks I've been a woman on a mission. After falling head over heels for the Rose Baby Doll naillacquer shade recently bought out by YSL (and those Cara Delvigne ads) I've been determined to find as close a dupe as possible in order to prevent spending £18 on a 10ml bottle of polish. My first port of call was Essie's Watermelon; a gorgeous summer shade that highly resembled my coveted YSL option, but something still just didn't sit quite right. I'd actually resigned myself to splurging on the real thing until I spotted this little gem from the Topshop que. They had one bottle left in stock so I quickly snapped it up and proceeded to the till point excitedly.

One Hot Minute is the first Topshop nail polish I've ever purchased despite often lusting over various shades. I haven't tried much of the Topshop makeup collection at all if I'm honest; something about a clothing brand bringing out a cosmetics line just didn't sit right with me and I've never been particularly interested in giving their products a go despite often hearing good things. Upon application I was super impressed with how easy this polish is to use and the drying time really stood out for me too. Two thin coats was enough to get an opaque coverage and the final result is glossy, shiny and smooth. I haven't had the polish on for very long so I can't really comment on the longevity, but I think that's something that depends greatly on the individual anyway. For reference, I use Sally Hansen Double Duty as a base coat and apply Essie's No Chips Ahead over the top - something that I find works really well for me when it comes to prolonging wear.

Now for the important bit; how well it compares to the YSL version. This bright, red-toned fuchsia is an incredibly close match with the real thing and I really am impressed with how well this transfers onto the nails. Whilst I'd say that Rose Baby Doll is slightly pinker than this, in real life One Hot Minute looks a little less red than it does in the photographs and is actually a great option if you're after a purse-friendly dupe. I'll definitely be looking into trying more Topshop polishes in the near future, I think 'Bees Knees' and 'Tidal' are next on my list!