The Cleansing Trio

I'll put my hands up and admit that I own far more cleansers than I will ever actually need, but I'll also point out that the majority of the ones in my stash are incredibly purse friendly. I love a good double cleanse in the evening and am always sure to begin my day in the same way, but for the amount of time the products actually stay on my face I just don't think it's worth splurging on options with fancy ingredients. One thing I do love experimenting with though is the formula and texture of different cleansers. At the moment I'm using a gel option, a balm and a cleansing oil on a daily basis and I love how well they work together; I have major mix'n'match when it comes to which ones I use together and I'm yet to find a way that doesn't cleanse my skin thoroughly.

First up is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Cleansing Gel. A favourite for the morning cleanse, a tiny bit is all you need to build up a lather and soak away any dirt and impurities that lurk on the skin. There's something about a cleanser that foams up - it just reassures me that it's really doing the job well and my skin is left feeling squeaky clean. Because of the formula I'd advise keeping this away from the eye area as much as possible, but I usually prefer to use a specific eye makeup remover for that task anyway. The gentle ingredients mean this has never been an issue for my sensitive skin, but I do occasionally find it a little drying so a healthy layer of moisturiser after use is a must.

One cleanser that I definitely don't find drying is the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm. As I mentioned in a recent review (find that here) this stuff looks a lot like a moisturiser and isn't actually 'balmy' at all, although it does leave my skin feeling just as soft as a more traditional balm would. This tends to be used more in my evening routine, but I've trialled it in the morning too and it works just as well. Simply massage into the skin and remove the excess with a cotton pad (one of the reasons I love using this in the evening is that you can see just how much slap it's dissolved when you wipe your skin afterwards. Gross, I know, but interesting all the same). My dehydrated skin absolutely loves this stuff and after use everything feels incredibly soft and nourished. I don't tend to use this on it's own as it's not the best at removing every scrap of makeup, but I usually double cleanse anyway so that's not really an issue. It will remove eye makeup with a fair little bit of elbow grease and is gentle enough to do so if you're in a hurry or you don't want to use two different products; bonus!

I love using any kind of oil on my skin, so I was incredibly interested in trying the L'oreal 15 Second Cleansing Oil when it first hit shelves earlier this year. They're the first affordable brand to offer an oil formulated cleanser on any large scale and it definitely didn't disappoint me. The 'Skin Perfection' range was a bit of a letdown for me on the whole, with a lot of products being too harsh and irritating my skin. This wasn't a problem with the oil however; it just dissolves everything in seconds with no fuss and no redness. I love using this on my eyes and have found it to be perfectly gentle as it's specially formulated for the eyes and lips - perfect for a good double cleansing session. I tend to massage this over my eyes in the evening to remove my mascara and then set about cleansing the rest of my face whilst it works its magic, then I rinse it away at the end. Fuss free cleansing in seconds - result!