Summer Beauty 101: Preparing Your Pins

Standing at a pocket-sized 5ft 1 it's safe to say that I don't have the longest legs in the world, but preening my pins during the summer months is still one of the most gruelling, time consuming tasks on my beauty checklist. Despite it being one of the steps in my routine that I hate the most, I've stayed true to a few products that make the whole experience a little more bearable...

First up I like to give my pins a good scrub; sloughing away all the dead, rough cells with an exfoliator can really help to reveal fresh, glowing skin. To do this I usually either pick up Soap & Glory's 'Flake Away' or Sanctuary's 'Body Scrub'. Both products very much do the same thing, although I do find the Sanctuary option is slightly more radiance-boosting. If you're after a richer exfoliant though I'd recommend 'Flake Away' - plus that old S&G scent isn't one to be missed! Once that prep's done I set about on the rather tedious task of hair removal, opting to either shave or wax my pins to make them silky smooth. I've often chosen the waxing option in the past, although I'd definitely suggest going to a professional as generally the prices aren't too high and you'll save yourself from a lot of discomfort that you'd get from doing it yourself *shudders*. This year however I'm going for the shaving method. I can't even tell you how much I recommend investing in a good quality razor; it may seem a little steep at first but the results are incredible compared to the times I've tried using a disposable option. The smooth feeling lasts twice as long, too!

Once that's done I hop out of the shower and moisturise like my life depends on it. I have dry skin everywhere on my body, which means that I need to pay extra special attention to hydrating my skin during the summer months when more of it is on show. I love using body oils, but I've recently been turning to another Soap & Glory favourite - this time their 'Girligo' moisturising mist. A quick spritz of this all over clean, dry skin gives me a fresh glow and leaves everything smelling absolutely divine. Finally, a nice bright pedicure is a must for sandal-clad days, so I make sure to lacquer my tootsies up with a eye-catching, summery polish - such as OPI's 'Call Me Gwen-ever'. Sandwiched between a base coat and my trusty Seche Vite top coat, the colour is sure to last for as long as I need it to. 

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