Review | Sinful Colors 'Soul Mate'

Sinful Colors are a brand that I've written some pretty varying reviews on in the past. After falling head over heels for the shade range they offer, I made a pretty big purchase when they were on 3 for 2 in my local Boots a little while ago and was left feeling a certain amount of regret. The first two or three shades I tried had a pretty rubbish formula that resulted in me throwing the rest of the bottles to the bottom of my nail polish drawer and not even bothering to try them out. Recently however I found myself rooting around and stumbling across this shade; it looked so pretty and summery in the bottle so I couldn't resist giving it a shot!

'Soul Mate' is a beautiful rose pink shade that caught my eye as it's unlike anything else in my nail polish collection; it does remind me a little of Rimmel's 'Rose Libertine', but this stands out as being a little bit bolder on the nails. Unlike many of the other Sinful Colors polishes I've tried, this applies smoothly to my nails and just two coats is enough for an opaque finish. I've used other shades from the range that have felt a little gloopy and even three coats left the colour looking patchy, so the application of this was a definite plus for me. I tend to sandwich this between two coats of Essie's 'No Chips Ahead' and I find that the wear time is reasonable; after about 48 hours I began to see a little bit of chipping right on the tips of my nails but it's no different to some of the high end polishes I own. I think it massively depends on each person as to how long nail polish lasts, no matter how much you spend on it!

All in all I think my opinion of Sinful Colors has changed slightly since trying out this shade. Nail polish is such a hit-and-miss product anyway, with even high end formulas having the tendency to fall a little short of perfect. I already have more than enough bottles of SC shades to keep me going, but I'll definitely be 'shopping the stash' and picking out some of the other ones that I never gave a go.

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