Review | Elemis Maximum Replenish Night Cream

My boyfriend has had an unused travel sized tube of this stuff lurking around on his bedside table for months now and I recently managed to get my hands on it to try it out for myself. I have no idea what my OH was doing with an Elemis product but I was fed up of seeing it sitting unloved for so long. Branded as a deeply hydrating product for overnight replenishment, this cream promises to strengthen the skin and promote cell regeneration whilst providing the skin with a targeted 'reservoir of water' that hydrates deep down and reawakens the skin as you sleep.

Elemis products come with a fairly hefty price tag but I've always been impressed with them before and I couldn't wait to give this a try. The cream itself has a thick texture and at first looks as if it's going to be incredibly rich, although when applied to the skin it feels surprisingly lightweight. I apply this after cleansing and using any masks or serums on my skin; very much as a last step in my evening routine. I was expecting really impressive results from this but I have to admit I was left feeling a little 'meh' the next morning. I try to be realistic with my expectations when testing out new products and I wasn't after miracles, but I don't really feel as though this provides as much hydration to my skin as it could have. I've been using Benefit's 'Total Moisture' as a night cream for a while now and I feel as though it leaves my skin feeling a lot softer, smoother and moisturised than this does - plus it does it for half the price! I do like this but I feel as though its more suited as a day cream than a replenishing overnight treatment. It's quite mattifying, making it an ideal base for makeup when used in the AM; plus it sinks into the skin super quickly with minimal residue. I'll definitely be finishing this travel sized bottle but I don't think I'll be spending out for a full size bottle once I've run out - it's an average moisturiser that for me just isn't worth the price tag.

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