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The quest for beachy locks is one that I seem to embark on every summer and never quite manage to get right. Following on from my recent haircare routine post where I mentioned that I never really spend more than a couple of quid on my mane, I decided to loosen the purse strings a little and aim for some more mid-end products to see how they fare; my first port of call being Bumble and Bumble. After uhhming and ahhing for a few days about which products would be best for me (they have one heck of a varied collection!) I finally settled for a few things that promised to give my hair the messy, 'just rolled out of bed but doesn't my hair look great' look I so crave.

The surf spray is basically a glorified sea salt spray; a product which I've never really gotten along with in try past. From my experience most of these 'salt sprays' promise to give your hair an instantly more wavy, tousled look which realistically is never going to come from a bottle unless you're blessed with the foundation of wavy hair in the first place. Surf spray is different in that it promises to add texture to the hair and doesn't mention making it any more curly - a much more realistic prospect. The first thing I noticed after spritzing it through my locks is that it doesn't have the normal 'gritty' feeling I tend to get with sprays like this. It does dry my hair out a little but nowhere near as much as it has been by this kind of thing in the past - a certain level of drying has to be expected from a product that aims to give texture to the hair anyway. Two pumps of Percy & Reed's 'No Oil Oil' through the very tips and my hair is left feeling texturised but still healthy.

I've read a lot of conflicting reports on the best way to apply this and to be honest I'm still not sure which to recommend. It's basically a product which can be used on either dry or damp hair, so I'd suggest just messing around with it and seeing what works best for you. Personally I like to use a blow dryer until my hair is roughly 80% dry, spritz this into the lengths, scrunch like a maniac and then leave the rest to air dry naturally. I have very fine hair that tends to get greasy at the roots within a day or two, but I was really surprised to find that this also works amazingly when aimed directly at the roots. Lifting the hair at the crown, I spray a small amount around my parting before roughing it up with my fingers. I initially tried this trick straight before I knew I was going to wash my hair as I was certain that it would make it look greasy or leave it feeling incredibly weighed down; neither or which it does. It actually means that my roots stay grease-free and volumised for longer; a definite bonus for me as I've never really gotten on with dry shampoo and washing my hair every day can be a real pain.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this if you're in the market for a product to give your hair that undone look - but I certainly wouldn't expect miracles of the beach babe kind. Sprayed over tonged hair, this gives a gorgeous tousled finish, but only if my hair is tonged in the first place. That being said, this spray does exactly what it says on the tin and I absolutely adore using it - even if the price tag means it's only used sparingly!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray - (£9.50/50ml | £21.50/125ml)

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