Review | Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream

I'm in love with the idea of natural and organic beauty products lately; give me something that works with as few harsh chemicals as possible and I'm on it. Balance Me have always intrigued me as a brand and I couldn't wait to get shopping once I found out that they'd be collaborating with Glamour magazine and offering freebies in this months issue. Overall there are 4 products to collect, including their Super Toning Body Wash, Pure Skin Face Wash, Shine On Lip Tinted Salve and the Moisture Rich Face Cream. Having dry skin that needs a lot of extra hydration throughout the day, I picked up the face cream as I felt it would be most suited to my needs. I also have more cleansers, body washes and lip balms than will ever be necessary so that thought played a part in the decision too!

The face cream is part of BM's 'Daily Essentials' range and I've been using it as my morning moisturiser for a couple of weeks now. Packed full of naturally beneficial ingredients, this is perfectly suitable for sensitive skins like my own and I don't have to worry about there being any unsightly redness or irritation in the morning! The rose oil in this makes the cream smell lovely and it reminds me an awful lot of REN's Vita Mineral Moisturiser. It's a rich cream that feels a little heavier on my skin than I'd usually go for in the morning, but when left for about 10 minutes it's sunk in well enough to apply makeup over the top. You can definitely feel the benefits in terms of hydration with this though and I guess a longer time to set into the skin is the price you pay for a truly moisturising face cream. My skin feels soft, supple and balanced after using this; any dry patches disappear but my skin doesn't look or feel any more oily either - although I'd suggest it wouldn't work as well for people with oily skin to start with. Used with a tinted moisturiser on top, my face is left looking radiant, glowing and healthy with enough protection to see me through the day (note that this doesn't contain an SPF though - one of my only gripes!) For now I'm more than happy to use this as my morning moisturiser and I haven't been reaching for anything else since I got it - although whether or not I'll repurchase it at the full price is yet to be seen.

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