Glow Getter

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this weather gets me all enthused to find products that'll give my skin the perfect glow. I've come back down to Brighton to spend some time with my family (perfect timing as far as the sunshine goes!) so as always I've had to cut my skincare stash down to travel-size proportions and only pack the most glow-giving products of the lot.

Origins 'Drink Up' Intensive Overnight Mask - my HG of face masks comes absolutely everywhere with me and for good reason. I haven't found anything as good as this when it comes to adding some much needed moisture to my parched skin. Just slather on a good layer at the end of your evening skincare routine then get your head down and let this stuff work its magic. My go-to when my complexion is looking a little lacklustre, I can guarantee by morning everything will be looking a whole lot brighter.

Soap & Glory 'Hocus Focus' - a so-called 'flaw softening lotion' (eh?) that actually does a damn good job at prepping my skin with a subtle dose of shimmer before any makeup is applied on top. Think along the lines of a liquid highlighter, but this product is suitable to be used on its own before makeup, as a cheekbone illuminator or mixed in with your regular moisturiser/foundation to give skin an extra boost of life. I've tried it every way and they all work perfectly well for me, although at the moment I'm most partial to using it in place of a heavy primer.

Soap & Glory 'Bright Here Bright Now' Energising Balm - another favourite from Soap & Glory, this balm adds instant radiance and life to the skin. I use this mixed in with my moisturiser to brighten everything up before I apply my base. Despite being branded as a 'balm' it's got the consistency of a lotion and feels incredibly lightweight when applied. It smells gorgeous too - a definite bonus!

Estée Lauder ANR - how long could I go after my last bottle of this ran out before repurchasing? Turns out not very long at all. A rich golden serum that works to rejuvenate the skin overnight and repair the effects of day-to-day wear and tear, this stuff is a godsend if you're after something to perk your complexion up with minimal effort. When I use this for a long time I find that my skin appears smoother and redness fades too - a rare wonder product that really is worth the price tag!

Dr Perricone Chia Serum - whilst this may resemble ANR in terms of it's aims, I actually use it entirely differently. It's gentle enough to be used on the skin in the morning as well as the evening, making it ideal to be patted into the skin after makeup has been applied to give you a more natural finish. I hate the feeling of having anything cakey on my face during the warmer months so this is ideal for preventing everything from feeling too heavy or OTT and is a really easy final step in my routine.