Forever Repurchase: The Skincare Edition

As a beauty blogger I fall into the shameful category of someone who rarely even finishes a product, let alone likes it enough to go and buy it again. I'm an advertisers dream; being sucked into the hype around new releases or swayed by the opinions of some of my favourite bloggers, excitedly rushing out to buy the latest 'it' product and tossing it aside as soon as something else comes on the scene. There are however a few products that have made the cut - just a few, mind - and been bought over and over again.

First up is an absolute staple in my daily routine, La Roche Posay Efflaclar Duo. I'd read an awful lot of positive reviews on this before I took the plunge and bought my first bottle early this year - four or five repurchases later and it's safe to say that I'm definitely joining it's legions of fans. Whilst it doesn't work for everybody, I've personally never come across a product that's made quite such a difference to the overall texture and appearance of my skin. I've suffered with mild acne since my early teens and since using this blemishes have improved ten fold, I no longer have major breakouts and any odd pimples that may pop up are an awful lot less of a problem than they used to be. I initially used this both morning and evening, but I now only use it in the PM and find that it works just as well, plus a tube lasts me twice as long as it used to! 

Another product that I'd lusted after for ages before purchasing was Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. At £58 for a 50ml bottle, I saw the purchase as something of an investment and my heart broke a little when I finally drained it of serum last month. It took me approximately 3 days to repurchase a new bottle of the stuff and I definitely don't regret it. After use my skin feels refined and it visibly helps fade redness and acne scars, making it an essential in my skincare routine.

Superdrug Vitamin E Oil is at the top of my all time budget buy list. A rich oil that's packed full of skin-loving benefits, this stuff sits happily within my stash next to all it's high end counterparts. I love rubbing a few drops in the palm of my hands and patting it over my face to lock in extra moisture and give my skin an boost of radiance and life overnight. For under £3 this is one 'forever repurchase' that I definitely don't feel guilty about!

Out of all the steps in my skincare routine moisturiser is the category that I least expected to find a 'holy grail' in, until along came Benefit Total MoistureI initially came across this when I got a free trail size pot one of those 'buy so many Benefit products and get a free gift' offers. I usually don't go in for samples and toss them aside without a second thought, but I'm so glad I didn't miss out on this one! It's been my go-to night cream ever since, offering intense hydration whilst feeling incredibly lightweight on the skin. £28 is a lot for a face cream so I just keep stocking up on the miniatures as they're amazing value for money and last me well over a month. (Update: I've just taken the plunge and bought the full size option, look at me loosening my purse strings!)

The last product has featured on my blog countless times since it started; the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. I ramble on about this little wonder far too much but I can't sing its praises enough - it really does transform my dehydrated skin overnight. I've tried other hydrating masks but for me nothing comes close to this. Origins have recently upped their prices by a couple of pounds each product (boo!) but I still don't see this being knocked off my 'to buy' list any time soon.

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